Beyerdynamic DT800 Amp?
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Jun 21, 2009
So I'm almost positive one way or another i'll be getting the beyerdynamic DT800. I've heard sometimes the bass is lacking and the highs are very very high, sometimes too much depending on the album. i also heard it's a bit airy. i havent experienced good headphones to know what that actually sounds like, but it makes me a bit nervous. but im not changing my mind on the headphones.

the question is, what amp should i get to address these needs. i tried to read a bit of the stickies, but I'm a super noob. I know people will just suggest their own amps probably, but go ahead and give me something. I dont want to spend too much on the amp. Just something that i'll permanently include with my computer setup.

Thanks in advanced!
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Good choice on the DT880. I like them with the Antique Sound Lab MG Head tube amp. It has selectable OTL/transformer coupled output. I preferred the OTL setting, bringing up the bass nicely. It's not the last word in micro resolution but very enjoyable and not fatiguing.

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