Beyerdynamic DT770M. Noise isolation and velor cusions.
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Jan 18, 2013
 i'v got Beyerdynamic DT770M recently.
 i like their sound. it sounds they way i like to hear some kind of music. people here might describe it as if it lacks bass or it sound tasteless/flat. for me it sounds just right and serves me just fine in terms of music itself.
 i'v got headphones delivered from different city (asked a friend) and it came with velor cusions (not leather!) and without softbag. says made in germany.
 the thing is - if i make it loud enough to enjoy music - i still can hear whats happening around me (for example as if people typing on keyboard or talk) white i have music playing through that headphones. people around me does not hear my music if i don't make it 2x or 3x times louder. is it expected to be like that? can the cusions be the cause for this? compared to my akg k702 it does have some isolation :D

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