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Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro vs Sennhesier IE8 vs Audio Technica ATH M50 vs Beats Studio vs Shure SRH840 vs Ultrasone HFI 580

    Which one should i get... i listen to a lot of kpop so highs and mids should be superb and more better than bass.
    which ones then to get...all of them are under $200 btw
    Hello ANYONE!!!
  3. AlexMakhoul
    hi, i also listen to a lot of k-pop an i bought the m50's. i definitely do not regret it.

    hope this helps
  4. Chime Bells
    Definitely not the IE8's. They are too slow.
    DAMMT!!! already bought the IE8s for $120 (Genuine! Not Fakes)
    What do you mean by too slow
  6. BassInMyFace
    Where did you get genuine IE8s for $120?
  8. Remustan
    Hi, I listen to some kpop too. And oh, you like Yoona haha. Ok, so you want to know what slow is. Well, imagine you're playing a computer game that requires lots of graphics power and processing power. But you're laptop just can't keep up and it lags abit. That'd what slow is in audio too. The sound lags just a little and is produced so slightly slower because basically its a dynamic driver earphone. A BA earphone would some much quicker and I would say better for pop or kpop in your case. Where do you live? Oh, and I tend to find that the bass of the ie8 often drowns out the mids just a little...so a BA earphone would be best for you and your genre. Oh, and I'm glad you DIDNT go for BEATS. It's a huge waste of money. Before I forgot, welcome to head fi! Sorry bout your wallet
  9. yumcax
    I don't quite understand your analogy... if it lags behind the input, would it only matter for watching videos or wherever you have audio/video sync?
  10. RayleighSilvers
    A fellow k-pop fan [​IMG]
    I don't know about the ones that you recommended but ones to stay away from are koss ksc75, Sennheiser Hd 558, and Soundmagic E10's (probably all soundmagics). They have no where near enough bass and don't really let the vocals shine (like Tayeons voice in Genie or Mr.Taxi)

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