Beyerdynamic dt770-80ohm pro fuzzy noise
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Oct 21, 2008
after about 8 months of use not very frequent use just maybe loud bassy use anyways, when i put some songs on with intense bass (yes i do use an equalizer and an amp, the bass is insane) the right side makes fuzzy noises more than the left side, this is ascending through time i think and its not hair, how do i eradicate this problem? or do i have to throw these beauties out? if i have to throw them out can someone tell me a pair of headphones that have same or more bass capabilities as my current but will last at least 2 years? thanks

the fuzzy noises arent noticeble when a normal song is put or anythign ordinary, its just when i want to play something very bassy it comes in, its not too irritating atm but im afraid it will gradually increase over time? thanks
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I know exactly what you're talking about. Sort of a borderline buzzing/rattling. It was a bit disheartening when it first started happening to my 770’s 5 years ago or so. I also tend to equalize in a bit of bass.

Still, I thought it was due to me having left my headphones plugged in while turning on one of my tube headphone amps, which has a nagging issue where the power tubes will arc if a headphone is plugged in during power up resulting in a very loud “pop” from the headphones. I had actually overdriven the driver on the headphones due to bass on one or two occasions as well. I took the things completely apart many times and each time there were no hairs or other objects nor any signs of damage.

Probably the most surprising thing however was recently when I picked up a pair of DT990-Pro/250’s, which began to exhibit the exact same problem after a month or so (without any tube arcing or overdriving incidents), though to less of an extent simply due to them not being the bass monsters the 770’s are. I’m thinking this is some sort of very general defect from beyerdynamic. It might be something as simple as a poorly placed cable rattling/vibrating inside.

The good news is that the problem never ever got worse on my 770’s. It was always just a minor nuisance on the most bass heavy of songs. If anything, it seemed to become less intense over the years, though that might just be me getting used to it.
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Sometimes a wire will be sitting too close to the headphone shell - and what you will be hearing then is a gentle tapping of the wire against the shell as you use them. Simply gently bend it away from the shell.
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Right - this is almost always due to something touching the driver. Often it's just a hair! Carefully remove the earpads, and then the foam. Make sure there is no debris at all.

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