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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - Limited Edition, 32 Ohms

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by motoxrm32, Feb 5, 2012.
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  1. Klonatans

    For the money there is nothing wrong. But the devil is in the detail: I compare them with Ultrasone Signature Pro and Beyerdynamic T70P and both of them are superior in terms of resolution, detail retrieval and tonal balance.
  2. justhandguns
    Like you said, for the money, there is no comparison. The Ultrasone is 3-4x the price, T70P is doubled.
  3. whiteink
    I'm planning to get a DT770 32 ohms as my first real headphones. I only have an iPod touch and don't have any amp. I want to know Is it enough to drive 770 or not?
  4. liraop
    It's enough. I might not reach its peak of quality but it will be really good enough
  5. whiteink
    What is the most inexpensive solution that help me to reach DT770 true potential?
  6. Topazus
    I have the 32 ohm version too. It's designed for things like ipod. As long as it plays loud enough, you're getting all it can offer. Even if you plug that into amps costing 10 times its price, you're unlikely to experience any sound quality improvement. 
  7. whiteink
    It's a great thing to hear. Thanks!
  8. Topazus
    By the way, don't you hate those leather pads? They make my ears hot and itchy in 20 minutes or so. I'm trying to figure out if putting velour pads will help. Generally, I don't like the round grill of Beyer headphones. If only they had a bit of an oval shape. The top and bottom of my ears touch the pads, and it gets uncomfortable fast. I've been searching for oval pads for them but I don't see any options.
  9. Topazus
    Any recommendations for oval pads to go with Beyer? Anyone?
  10. Klonatans
    I sell my DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm.
  11. Lemmers
    Hello guys, I'm not good at all when it comes to audio so if I'm speaking out of my ass please forgive me =)
    I bought a DT 770 32ohm like a year ago, and I'm wondering if I can "enhance" the audio and make it better with better bass etc if I buy an amplifier?
    Like an FIIO 10K or if I buy a soundcard like Asus Xonar DG, which would be the best or is there a better option?
    Headphones are plugged into my computer with no sound card.
  12. Mechans1
    I don't know about the card but the amp should give you fuller sound overall, which I think is better. I would anticipate more bass energy but not booming or rowdy  distorted bass.
  13. liraop
    I've used the DT770+E10K for few months and it was very pleasant. Bass was more present, sometimes too much (bass boost on), but the average sound it's good and on your face. it's a very synergic combo. 
  14. Lemmers
    Thanks for the reply, good that you have some experience with it too.
    If I may ask, how many ohms is it on your DT770?
  15. liraop
    Although I like the improvement from the magni2u, the E10K for just 60/70bucks is a good deal. You can even upgrade the amp later and use E10K as DAC pretty decently. If I could define the sound of DT770 with E10K I'd say 'bodied'.  

    BUT A REMINDER: impressions are very very subtle and subjectives. what is good for me might not me good for you. be skeptical. (I've learnt this the hard way) 
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