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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (32 Ohm) vs. Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bcaulf17, Mar 10, 2018.

If you have both, which do you prefer?

  1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

    1 vote(s)
  2. Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7

    2 vote(s)
  1. bcaulf17
    HI forum!

    I'm coming off of a pair of M50x's that I've had for a few years that had gotten very uncomfortable over time. Some days I could tolerate it but other days I could hardly stand the discomfort. I think it's because they lost their clamp and now they sit on my head funny. They sit loose but the cups press tight so it's a bit miserable.

    Anyway, I searched around online and of all the closed-back headphones I found, the DT 770 Pro seemed the most well liked, despite their lack of portability. This is crucial because I'll be taking these from home to work daily and also maybe walk around with them on. I got the 32 ohm version because it has a shorter cable and can drive off of a phone so it's a bit better for portable use.

    I received them last night, and man I really really want to like these and I'm trying. They are still new. Comfort wise, they aren't as good as I was hoping, though better than my M50's. The velour pads feel great but they clamp down pretty hard. It's not bad at all though, and I don't feel like I need to take them off for a break, I can just feel them on my face when I wear them.

    Sound wise, I was going back between these and the M50x's, which I always liked the sound of, but now I'm realizing how hollow and dark they sounded. They Beyer's sound more natural, clearer, wider, drier. All good things. Bass reaches nice and deep, mids are good, and they are very detailed. But there's one major issue. The TREBLE is brittle and harsh! It makes bright masterings and some 80's music sound terrible. The highs sound clear but they sound really digital and cold, and 's' sounds on bright recordings sound very strong. It's not as bad on neutral masterings but on bright stuff the treble is on it's own platform above everything else. I'm hoping it's something I can get used to or something that will dissipate a bit over time, but in the event I don't I'm already looking for an alternative, in case I want to return these. I have one month.

    The ATH-MSR7's would be my next choice. They're under 200 on Amazon. More portable than the Beyer's for sure, sleek looking, and it sounds like they have a more neutral sound, rather than the V shape. Bass impact won't be as strong I'm guessing, but neither will the treble, which would be nice.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone can share their opinions of both headphones, and if some here have both maybe they can compare? I already like that the MSR7 would probably look better on my head while I'm at work...


    EDIT: So after a little more reading, it seems many find the MSR7 a little on the bright side as well. Not harsh, but I do prefer a warmer sound. In that case, I'd also like to throw the Viso HP50 in the ring. Apparently these sound great, detailed, and warm! The only thing is these seem a little less talked about, so I'd like opinions on these as well. Also, how is the comfort of these?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  2. bcaulf17
    Gonna bump, but now I do really think the 770's are great. The sibilance is only really heard in tracks that are sibilant in general. I wouldn't call them fatiguing though, just slightly rude. I suppose these would sound sibilant on a neutral headphone too, just a bit less so, I'm assuming. Non-sibilant recordings/masterings sound lovely. Plus I'm probably still getting used to transitioning from the M50's, a darker sounding and stuffier headphone that probably masked a lot of higher sounding treble sounds.

    I'm listening to my old Vertigo 'Dire Straits S/T' CD and it's never sounded better. So spacious, I can hear every nuance, every vocal inflection, every fretboard slide, every guitar picking much better than I could with the M50s, and the bass stays prominent. Everything breathes now, and because of the space this album almost has a rather strangely dark mood to it. Very cool! Sounds great even with high bitrate AAC.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
  3. crazywipe
    I prefer the Sennheiser hd569 to both Dt770 32 and m50x. Mids are fuller on the 569, more natural sound. The Dt770 is impressive overall, but the bass is loose sounding and also I don't like vocals on them. Comfort is not very good on the dt770 32 ohm, the pleather pads gets warm quickly. On the 569 the pads are very soft and comfortable. Another plus is super easy to drive.
  4. bcaulf17
    My DT 770 32 ohm came with velour pads :) On Amazon, it showed the black model with pleather pads and it didn't say Limited Edition on them, and the grey model with Limited Edition written and velour pads. I was expecting pleather pads, even though the pictures showed velour, and velour is what I got. They feel really good but man these headphones have a clamp.

    I'm really liking these the more I listen to them. I don't find the bass very lose. Sub bass sounds tight. I'm also tolerating the highs much more, the sibilance isn't as bad. I'm only noticing it on vocals that are sibilant on the recording to begin with, then they are a bit peaky. These sounded relaxed on the M50, but I don't think they were supposed to. This makes the 770's sound a little more accurate to me. I think I know what you mean about the vocals, some of them have a synthetic, digital sounding tone? I feel like I hear that on some music too. Anyway, I don't think I'm gonna end up returning these after all I like them.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
  5. crazywipe
    Velour pads are far better than pleather for comfort! On my dt77032 they are not comfortable for long session. I have to say for noise isolation they are perfect, very high isolation. Maybe the loose bass I heard are because of the pads.
    Anyway the dt770 is a great headphone, It’s close to hd600-650 for sound quality, just the midrange suffer a little because of the closed back format.
    The 569 is smoother sounding, the sound signature is between hd600 and d650. The midrange is forward and very good sounding, with little coloration.
    I am a bit of Sennheiser funboy, so it suits better my taste.

    If you like the dt770 there is no reason to change, enjoy!

    If you can, try the HD569, for the price it’s fantastic soundig.
  6. bcaulf17
    I wish I knew about the HD569, as it would've at least given me another option.I felt like nothing else for the price range seemed better than the 770's, that being when I didn't know about the 569's. Even the HD 598 CS, the one I was first considering, had some negative reactions judging by what I saw so I decided against them. Maybe I'll give them a try some day. I can say however that this afternoon while listening the 770's suddenly sounded quite a bit warmer, while retaining some crisp, clean treble. And the details...

    As an example, I chose today to listen to Making Movies. Another Dire Straits Vertigo disc, but I like them because they are well mastered, and Dire Straits music was very well recorded and engineered. When I had my M50's, this was the one album I thought sounded a little weird. It sounded very cluttered and hollow, almost like a Phil Spector production. It was produced by Jimmy Iovine, who liked a little reverb and echo on the drums so I thought maybe that was the reason. When listening with these phones, however, suddenly this album sounds more open, clear, and detailed. The echoes and reverbs don't cloud everything else. They have their own space. Some details I never really noticed was the rippled drums that begin Skateaway. Now, I can hear each ripple. Before, it just sounded like one bit echo-ey drum hit. I can now hear the distinct bass notes being played at the end of Tunnel Of Love, again they sounded more clouded and dark before. I can honestly say it put a bit of a smile on my face.

    I'm still not entirely sure about the vocals. They sound good on some songs, not as good on others, so I guess it's the nature of the recordings. I should compare that against my M50's.

    Anyway, I know these phones aren't the most neutral and they can be a little energetic but that makes them fun to listen to music with. Thanks again for the heads up on the 569's, I'll have to read about them for curiosity's sake at least :)
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  7. bcaulf17
    My one other questions is, are the 770's still supposed to be amped, even the 32 ohm versions? I'm hearing they sound better with an amp, so I'm wondering if that would calm the treble a bit and the sibilance...if that's the case then I might as well be better off getting a new headphone...however, Beyer suggests they're supposed to sound good with a phone and laptop. I think they do sound good, but I don't know if this is how they're SUPPOSED to sound...
  8. crazywipe
    They sound quite good un-amped. My EU iPhone 6 (it's underpowered for EU law volume restriction at 1V) drives them quite well. Anyway, an amp is recommended. I guess the 16-ohm version it's ideal for a smartphone.
    The dt770 are more audiophile than m50x this is for sure. For portable headphone, I much prefer the Sennheiser hd25 than the m50x, they sound more even and forward in the midrange, the bass is also tighter, it's really a great little headphone.
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  9. Blinxat
    MSR7 is more stylish and portable, but there is little soundstage depth, unlike the DT770 which is quite good in that regard. The DT770 has a bit of a bright background.

    You can tame the treble if your phone has an EQ. I use the last two 8khz and 16khz and take them to -2- or -3.

    I did not know the 32ohm also came with velour? I have the 32ohm and got the pleather pads.
  10. bcaulf17
    I've been reading the MSR7 is also quite bright as well. Anyway, the velour pads on the 32 ohm must be new. I think it depends on what color you have selected on Amazon. The grey color showed the velour ear pads, while the black color showed the pleather pads. Even with grey selected, I was still expecting to get pleather pads but the velour is what I got.

    My phone only has eq presets unfortunately, but I don't think I'll need them as I'm tolerating the treble more now. My only issue really is the vocals, sometimes they do have this odd digital, thin sound to them with not a whole ton of warmth and sibilance is still a bit grating. Not fatiguing to me, but it's very present. I'm hoping through listening to these more they will dissipate a little. So far I have about 30 hours on them.
  11. RenZixx
    So far from what I experienced almost all headphones that I have tried all sound good amped. Hope this helps

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