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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. pietcux
    Had a quick listen to the DT1990 today. They sound very similar to the DT1770. Maybe the treble is a bit hotter and the mid bass is slightly tamed combined with some good deep punch. I might want to try them by buying them.
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  2. SHAMuuu

    Kind of like a 990 to 770 and vice versa where its not as worlds apart. The openness of a 770 reative to other closed in its bracket and 990 bass of closed type.
    Though with 990 its just a little hole thats open, i thought the pro was fully open with like white foam, not plastic disc. Has anyone ever removed to make it fully open? I've seen pic of open 880 b4 without disc.
    Thats interesting to hear.
    Hifiguy528 said the new series makes the old ones feel like toys, but the old ones feel like TANKS so.... i am really curious how these new ones feel.
  3. kman1211
    They are very similar sounding, the analytical pads are quite different sounding from the balanced though. To me it fixes many of the minor issues with the DT 1770. Both are very satisfying to listen to long term.
  4. pietcux
    Got them new for for 511€ from Amazon Germany, delivery on Thursday.
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  5. wovenhand
    Has anyone done a more in-depth comparison between the DT 1990 and the HD 600? I work as an audio engineer (mainly mix & mastering) and never really stumbled across a headphone I like so far for these purposes to compliment my monitors. I haven't heard the HD 600 (have owned the HD 650 though) but know the HD 600 are used by many other engineers. I own the Focal Spirit Pro but I think they have a kind of weird tonality/presentation to them. 
  6. zcw168
    Just DT1990pro today, better performance in OST but vocal is not good as RS1e~
  7. pietcux
    what is OST?
  8. zcw168
    Sorry for my poor English, OST = Original Sound Track...
  9. headache7504
    great to see that finally someone is asking this question (that I had in my head too for a while) :)
    I have a HD650 that I use for basic mixing work like checking kick/bass balance, designing reverb, checking for micro errors (blips, weird stuff). I also like to just listen to music on them since they are NEVER fatiguing and have a nice low end - which makes listening to music joyful and "musical". Also no piercing highs (which I am very sensitive to) so it really is "easy listening".
    Last week I bought me the new DT 1990 - which was a bit risky since I wasn't able to listen to them upfront. Gave the headphones 48h of burn-in (yes, that really helps) and started producing a bit of music to see how it works out.
    Surprisingly - those new cans seem to be really good.
    Bass (nice, deep, strong), Mids (very detailed, a lot of depth (!), nice/credible stereo image) and Highs (clean, crisp, very present, maybe comparable to IE800-highs) - all very "there", detailed, nice.
    I worked 2h on a song and mixed it "by ear" - means: without any ref track, just so that it sounded "nice" to my ears. And surprisingly - listening to this mix on my (very picky) IEM's (Sennheiser IE800) - it still sounds great, so it looks like the stuff mixed on the 1990 translates quite well. No excessive, ear piercing, highs. No muddy low end (boomy kick or bass). No drowning mids/vocals. All there, all audible, all clean. 
    So APPARENTLY these cans are suitable for mixing/mastering work (but really need to do more on them to be 100% sure). I had quite some fun mixing the tune since I could always HEAR the impact of EQ, stereo work, compression etc. Also working with reverbs was joyful since you could really hear the reverb in its full glory which made it easy to "design" your instrument depth (e.g. putting it in background by increasing Valhalla Room's "depth" parameter). 
    Stereo positioning (panning instruments) also worked excellent since the stereo width is so clean/credible/limited-in-dimensions/audible. Really enjoyed doing that.
    Only thing I am not 100% sure of is whether the high frequencies will cause ear fatigue over time. They appeared a bit "spikey" / "strong" which caused some ear ringing when listening too loud. Will investigate further.
    But for now I can say, that these are the first headphones I consider a potential replacement for my beloved HD650. And I tried quite a few of them (HD800, UERR, DT770, DT880, K812, LCD-4, LCD-X). I always looked for a "better HD650" - where "better" means "more details", "more clarity", "more high end" and "yet preserving the nice low end energy".
    Ah, I almost forgot. Ergonomics aren't as great as on the HD650. Clamping pressure is higher on the DT1990 and the ear pads are smaller and round-shaped (instead of oval-shaped on the HD650). Since I have big ears, it's a bit of a challenge to stuff them under the pads without causing long-term-usage-pain. Let's see if that bothers me in the future :)
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more comparisons between these two headphones. Can't speak for the HD600 though.
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  10. kman1211

    I had the HD 600 and HD 650. The sound of the DT 1990 is more akin to the HD 600 than the HD 650, but more dynamic, detailed, and musical. I also find it a replacement for the Senns. In terms of fatigue they don't fatigue me at all, actually less fatiguing than the Senns to me despite its bite. Though I probably don't listen loud enough and my system may take some edge off.
  11. pietcux
    I have the HD650 and the DT1770. I can compare let's say on the weekend and post my impressions. The DT1990 is due tomorrow or Friday.
  12. kman1211
    Curious of your impressions. Hope you enjoy them like I do.
  13. pietcux

    ​I should, as I like the DT1770 already very much, even though the Sony Z7 is giving them a hard time very often... But that is a totally different story. I can like them both.
  14. kman1211
    I don't see someone who likes the DT 1770 not liking the DT 1990 around as much if not a bit more. Ah, I was going to get the Z7 but then the Z1R was announced. So I'm aiming for the Z1R. I do have the Z7's little sibling the 1A which does sound a bit like the Z7 just not quite as good but better than some may give it credit for.
  15. pietcux


    I have the Z1R on my long list, for let's say in 2018 used or open box. The price is insane for me, it needs to come down. The Z7 is a revelation for 320€ open box. The Z1R will be for 1000......someday
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