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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. kelly200269
    So I had both the DT1770, AND the DT1990. I thought that I could ‘manage’ with one or the other, and since I used my 1770’s for commuting, I thought that I could get-away with selling my 1990’s, and keep the 1770’s for both home and mobile use. After all, the 1770’s are probably the BEST closed-backed cans I've owned.
    How wrong I was... However great the 1770’s are, they can’t replace the ‘magic’ that the 1990’s bring to the party. My SECOND pair of 1990’s are on their way to me now...
    Sometimes I HATE this ****ing hobby! :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  2. CP5670
    I did this for several hours. I also switched it a wider setting for the cups than I had on the DT990, and pulled the headband apart a bit as described here. The last step especially improves it quite a bit, although it has be done carefully. I'm finding the clamp more comfortable now and can listen to it for hours. It's otherwise just about ideal. It manages to be very detailed and revealing on good quality music without sounding harsh on low quality material, which is a rare mix of qualities for a headphone.
  3. Deaj
    Would you happen to have a link where I can purchase Isolation tape for this purpose?
  4. Mad Max
    Search on Amazon and eBay.
    Or you can simply use electrical tape, that should do the job just as well.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
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  5. Deaj
    Thanks! :)
  6. audiobomber
    Thank you for bringing the updated review to my attention. I had read the original, but the added graphs and review content were highly interesting. I'm glad the passive filter worked for you, but IME there's invariably something lost along with something gained with an added filter. For that reason I was more comfortable choosing Dekoni Elite Velour pads instead of the passive filter. I should have them in a couple of weeks. The $49 US Dekonis will end up costing $115 CA with shipping, tax and currency conversion.

    Changing ear pads is a gamble, because of their profound effect on the sound. Clearly the Elite Velour pads are objectively superior, as shown in the FR and waterfall graphs, but I have no way of knowing whether they will suit me subjectively, because I am already very pleased with the beyerdynamic Analytical pads.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  7. Tsukuyomi
    Has anyone here compared the DT1990 Pro and Focal Clear? (without EQ, straight out of the box)
    I own a pair of DT1990 and im kinda tempted to get a pair of Clears to add to my collection. But, if the clears are clearly better than id most likely sell the 1990s and use the cash to pay off the clears. (sorry for the pun)
  8. saman65
    hello everyone!
    Almost a year with my baby dt 1990 pro and all I can say, this has been the best investment in my life, beside 2 btc which I screwed them up anyway and didn't make any noticable profit on
    This has been my first pro can and I've been rocking it with my oppo ha-2!
    I'm exteremly happy with the result. It is loud enough for me and the dac seems pretty decent for an amature like me.
    I have made some saving and have become very temmpted to buy a decent dac/amp combo or one of each!
    I'm really liking the reviews of RME-DAC 2 but I don't know if I can benefit much from it!
    I don't care about features, power at the moment as I am too happy with my dt that I don't know when I'm gonna buy another headphones...so I really need your help
    I've read many of this th posts and people's recommendation but I still would like to hear from you :)
    I listen to Queen, Lianne la havas and AC DC religiously but also love some good Sinatra and Stevie Nicks, 0 hiphop, rap or I donno whatever is out there
    My question is, to be used with headphone only, can I justify spending 800 ish on an amp/dac or spending 400-500 will give me a noticable upgrade over my current portable ha-2?
    Or whether if I should stick to what I have because it already makes me happy, takes me out of this world and many other good things :D
    Forgive my poor writing and grammatical skills
    Edit: too many emojis
  9. saman65
    Congrats on your new RME dac. How are you liking it with beyer?
    I was too late and missed on that deal, even though I'm still unsure if I want to spend that much but that was a pretty decent deal and hard to pass.
  10. Tsukuyomi
    not sure which deal you're referring to, lol, ive had my RME since February.

    I find they're a great match, clean dac/amp with lots of customisation and a headphone that is clean as well. it really lets you hear what you're changing.
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  11. saman65
    my bad! You username isn't even close to the guy from Canada who snached a RME deal on this forum for a great price :D
    most RME owners seem super happy with it. I'll keep my eyes on a second hand.
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  12. Scriba
    I'm looking forward to buy the DT 1990 OR the ad 700x. 90 % of my use case is gaming at a competitive level.

    A good gaming headphone should have a really clear imaging for categorize the footsteps well. Both headphones should be pretty good in this case. Overall i'm willing to pay more for the DT 1990 because of the quality and the detachable cable.

    Has someone experience on both cans (related at competitive/fps gaming)?
  13. Tsukuyomi
    Competitive gaming no,
    But i do play Paladins, Warframe, Borderlands 3, Dauntless, Grantourismo Sport with my DT1990 and they sound awesome.
    I've never had issues with finding footsteps or hearing when a car or creature is coming up close.

    but let me re-iterate, i'm not a pro gamer nor am i a serious competitive gamer. I play casually with my two best friends online.
  14. AlfredoDG
    Buy a Schiit stack! You can start from the new Modi and Magni 3 at, around, 200$ / €
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  15. Deaj
    Excellent advice!
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