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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. WHO23
    The 8kHz peak makes the DT 1990 Pro unbearable to listen to at times. One such example is the track Michael Buble ft. Cecile McLorin Savant - La Vie en Rose. I've been interested in Solderdude's Kameleon Amp for a long time but I was too lazy to switch Amp and Modules between headphones. I'm hoping his new filters will work just as well and I can just keep the attenuator cable plugged onto the stock cable.

    Here's Solderdude's website if you are looking for more information regarding the passive filters:
  2. noel.wheezy
    I've seen the graphs and the 1990s just dont sound like you would expect them to from the graphs. I'm rather treble sensitive myself, one of the reasons I love the Sennheiser house sound so much. They do sound much brighter than the HD 650 but I dont find the DT 1990 too much at all, they do not sound like the graph would suggest. Having said that I tend to prefer the harman curve, if youre going to use Sonarworks or Equalizer APO the treble peak is a total non issue. If I had to keep just one pair HD650 or DT 1990, I'd keep the 1990.
  3. Kammerat Rebekka
    I was recently very much in doubt as to which headphone I should buy: the DT1990 or the Elex. The latter was fairly quickly written off because Focal charges close to 200$ for spare pads (what?!?!?) yet the more I looked into the Beyer the more the treble seemed to stick out.
    During a small brainfart I decided to take a chance on the French tank...and damn am I ever glad I did..most especially after I got to hear the Beyer here the other day. I know many folks describe the DT1990s treble as the least problematic inside the Beyer line-up, but to these ears it is just as aggressive as the T1, Amiron and the T90.

    For fans of the hd700/800, T1, K812, T90, K701/2 and DT880 I imagine the DT1990 will be an absolute treat. People that usually don’t go for the Beyer house sound will most likely find far more to like in an Elex...psycho-pads or not:)
  4. Mad Max
    DT1350 & DTX501 (a rebadged Soundmagic P30) from the ones I've tried so far. Relatively.
  5. kman1211
    Of what I’ve owned. DT 150, DT 480, Amiron Home(smoother and more relaxed treble texture than the DT 1990), and T1.2 Black(was far darker than the previous T1.2 I had, which was unbearably bright).
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  6. Beagle
    I had the T1 and the top end ripped my ears off.
  7. Darksoul
    Well, like I said, maybe it's the chain I have. Chord Hugo and Violectric V200 make me enjoy the T1.1 more than my other Beyers.
  8. kman1211
    The T1.1 is known to have variation. Maybe the T1.2 does as well, the two I had were quite far apart in the serial number. Also my experience with Beyers is they love certain DAC's. The T1.2 I had was really bright. But I also had a T1.2 Black and it was only slightly brighter than the HD 650(which I also had at the same time) and came off as more neutral and natural sounding and just all-around better.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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  9. Beagle
    Actually, pretty much all Beyers I've tried shred my ears off in the treble. Except the DT411. That one was actually warm sounding.

  10. audiobomber
    In my system (Korg DAC, Asgard 2), I find the DT 1990 a bit on the warm side of neutral, not bright or sibilant.

    I invited six local audiophiles over for a listening session a few weeks ago. No one found the DT 1990 bright except for one fellow, whose main headphone is the HD 650. And he only found the Beyer too bright when used with the Magni 3, not with the Bottlehead Crack.

    I set up a little listening test for two audiophiles who own very expensive audio systems; Monoprice Monolith M1060, Grado RS2e, Sennheiser HD 650, Beyerdynamic DT 1990.. One guy's system is digital, the other analog based, neither are into headphones. Both liked the Grados best. The RS2e is much brighter sounding than the DT 1990.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  11. Beagle
    I didn't find it that bad for the first hour or so but after that it began to hurt. I subsequently returned them. But each individual has their own tolerances and sensitivities when it comes to the top end response of gear. For me, a boost around 12-14k comes across as 'air', but below that to about 8k, it's sharp and bright (for me). A boost at 4-6k is torture.
  12. SilverEars
    Ok, I recently heard a closed-back Beyer and it gave me an idea that Beyers are definately headphones with technicalities worth exploring. Also, my ears are not as young as it used to be and the high-end is probably not bothering me as much anymore like a decade ago. It seems Beyers have a response like HD800.

    My question would be, what is the most technically capable Beyer? T1 gen1?
  13. minty1
    I'm looking to pick up another set of 1990's and while I was browsing on Amazon I found a seller that was selling a bundle with an extended cable for $519 which is quite under retail. Does anyone have any experience or reviews with these kinds of sellers? I sent them a message to see what the case was and why the price was under retail and asked if they were factory sealed but figured I'd ask here to see if anyone had experience. They look to be a whole seller but the bundled items make it seem kind of dodgy.
  14. megabigeye
    Is the seller 6ave (Sixth Ave Electronics Express)? If you do a little bit of internet sleuthing you can find some information on them. Their amazon and eBay reviews aren't horrible, but they get really bad reviews on other sites (bbb.org, resellerratings.com, etc.), though some of those reviews might be old. Personally, I'd stay away, if for no other reason than that seem to they charge a 20% restocking fee, so if you find that the item is defective in some way you'll still be out more than $100. For me, the peace of mind is worth the extra $70 or $80 from a reputable seller. And who the heck needs a 25 foot extension cable for home listening??
  15. minty1
    That’s exactly who it is. Sounds like a headache waiting to happen. Thanks for the additional insight. I’ll just pony up the $80 and purchase it from Beyer. I only really wanted the headphones anyway.

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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