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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. Fetou
    Can anyone give a comparison between the ATH-AD2000 and these headphones? I don't have a lot of references to compare to. I'm assuming these will be more neutral and less forward in the mid-range, and overall on the brighter side? Any insight is appreciated.

    I got the headphone bug that only seems to get me every 4-5 years or so and wanted to try out something new, so I ordered the buydig DT1990 bundle with the 15% off eBay promo and will have in a few days. The bundle comes with a HiiO A5, a hardshell case, and an SD card for $501. I had another eBay promo and got a used A20 for $175. I'm hoping this delivers results that will give me the same kind of feelings I got when I first heard the AD2000. Not the same sound signature, but the same kind of novelty and urge to re-listen to a lot of material.
  2. Essence STX
    What's your suggestion?
  3. oldmate
    Return them. Buy something else. I don't think you were meant to own these.
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  4. megabigeye
    It sucks and is kind of weird. Did you buy them from the same place? If you're not too fed up with the whole process, you might consider contacting Beyerdynamic directly about a warranty replacement. Maybe they could even just send a replacement headband instead of replacing the entire set? That way, hopefully, you could enjoy the headphones while waiting for the replacement part.
  5. Hanga
    Sorry, there is a good chance this has already been discussed/answered, but 129 pages are quite a read.

    I am considering upgrading my DT990 (250 ohm) to the DT1990.
    The main thing holding me back right now is that it seems to have slightly less bass punch?

    I listen mostly to EDM (trance, house, progressive) and while I am not a "basshead", a present and impactful bass is a big part of the genre.

    How would you compare these cans for this genre, in particular the bass?

    Thanks and have a nice weekend :beyersmile:
  6. Hyp0xia
    The DT 1990 Pro may have less bass, but it certainly doesn't have less punch. The main reason I love my DT 1990 Pro is because its bass is so punchy. In your case, I would just recommend sticking to the balanced pads.
  7. Hanga
    Thank you for your reply.
    This is a newb question, but what does that mean exactly??
    When looking at frequency curves the DT1990 seems to have more low bass and less upper bass - so i would expect it to rumble a bit more and have a bit less of a punch?
  8. kman1211
    Measurements won't tell you the driver characteristics. The Tesla drivers found in the DT 1990 sound distinctly different than the DT Beyers, they are more dynamic and punchy in general and have a fuller sounding mid-band with smoother less sharp highs even if measurements don't show it.
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  9. Darksoul
    Anyone here has had a chance to run the DT-1990 on the Ayre Codex or the Music Fidelity MX-HPA? A local audio retailer suggested them, they're a bit pricey, but I could stretch and get one. Their spec sheets don't say much of the power output of these two. Will I be "better off" with something like the Darkvoice 336SE or the Aune X1S/X7 stack?
  10. LiranV
  11. megabigeye
    No, nor will I. I view those sorts of mods with a fair amount of skepticism. First, if it's so easy to make the headphones more "musical" and detailed, why wouldn't Beyerdynamic have done that themselves? You'd think that after thousands of man hours of research they'd have realized that simply removing some foam or resizing the venting would drastically improve the sound. My skepticism is deepened further by the fact that they've performed the same mods on the HD 650.
    Second, even the OP claims that the sound won't be for everybody, that it requires EQ to sound good, and that it's now more or less completely unforgiving of equipment or recording quality. But then s/he also claims that somehow these issues are fixed by using a balanced cable. I don't buy that. They also admitted themselves that "whenever you tune sound using foam and membranes you also take away alot of details," which sounds like precisely the problem they've reintroduced to the headphones.
    Also, I can't imagine the DT 1990 being at all enjoyable with more detail or with the treble being more "alive." Also, I don't find the mids on the DT 1990 to be in any way inferior to the HD 650. Slightly less forward, sure, but not less "transparent" or "airy" (I'm really not even sure what either of those things means in this case, and-- to risk of sounding like a complete curmudgeon-- I'd be surprised if that OP does either).

    If people want to play with their headphones, retune them, mod them, or whatever, that's fine. That is 100% their prerogative. But I'm going to continue to view that with a skeptical eye, especially when they don't seem to be very clear on what they've achieved.

    PS-- I realize that some of my quotes of the OP might not be exact or correct. I'm trying to write this in my phone and it's a complete PITA trying to toggle between tabs and remember what they said. The sentiment remains the same and I'm just going to have to say, "good enough."
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  12. kman1211
    Honestly I realized that it's best to leave most modern headphones alone in terms of modding, especially in terms of the foam, dampening, etc. It would be smarter to focus on say vibration control than to tinker with the dampening material unless you know what your doing. I usually keep my modding to vintage and/or cheaper gear. Honestly when you introduce one mod, you likely have to introduce others to compliment and complete that modification otherwise it just won't sound right. Modding well takes a lot of time, trail and error, experience, and intuition. Also the mod in that thread is irreversible and I highly suggest against doing irreversible mods like that personally.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
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  13. tracyca
    Felikis audio & Alo audio = great sounding for the Dt1990 pro! 20180903_154009.jpg
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  14. Darksoul
    Hmmm, I'm on the market for a new amp. How would you describe the sound? I love the treble, but do you get more bass?
  15. tracyca
    Tubes do give the dt1990 pro a more full bass, depending on the tubes. I have telefunken 6922 tubes set up and it sounds great.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
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