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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. WildStyle-R11
    If you are not up for an argument yourself, don't bother posting random things. I mentioned HD660 as those are the one of the few I have heard in that range. DT1990 is a good headphone, but it has competitors, it's just that the market is all over the place and I can't give any real opinions about headphones I haven't heard. I think offers from hifiman in this price range would do pretty good against DT1990 and what was it M1060 perhaps?
  2. megabigeye
    I'm wondering if you got this bundled with the FiiO E10k with the BuyDig coupon from TechBargains? It seems a little disingenuous to claim you can get them for 50% of retail (though I'm really not sure where you got that number) if you're only talking about short term coupons and sales. Today TechBargains has a coupon for the HE-560 for $299 from Adorama, but the DT 1990 coupon is expired.
    I'm not arguing that they aren't great headphones and hard to beat for the price, just that claiming rare sales and throwing out weird numbers isn't the way to measure their value.

    Also, that video is surprisingly not grating, a rarity for video reviews not by Tyll Hertsens.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
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  3. Armando Cruz
    "If it could be scientifically proven that the dt1990 sounds exactly one specific way, it would be worth arguing. It's not, so this is a waste of time"

    Very true... but statistically the major of the owners don't hear a sibilant sound, so get yourself to the doctor and you maybe fix that! LOL! ( just joking ) It's completely normal when someone likes very much of a headphone " to defend it " :) Enjoy it
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  4. phunkfarm
    I dont think that its impossible to find new pair for 400 if you look hard enough.
  5. megabigeye
    Well, obviously that's true, since that's what you seem to have done. But by the same token, and as I just pointed out, the HE-560 is available for even less. You might also find somebody that's willing to give away their Utopia for a kiss on the cheek, but that's not to say that it's readily available for that price.
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  6. Scutey
    You've nailed it, my sentiments exactly.
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  7. Essence STX
    It's soooooo disappointing! How ****ing much can a person be unfortunate?! This was the second and last try and as you can see this time the headband is defective right out of the box(one part is swollen)! Does anybody know how to fix that? Is it the correct way to push the out of place lip inside and stick it with some glue? I really don't know what is happening in beyerdynamic and where is the quality control especially in PRO production line?!

    1.jpg 2.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  8. Darksoul
    I want to get more juice into these bad boys. As much as I love the Topping A30, I want more...power. I've been ogling at the Schiit Jotunheim, without the DAC module since I've discovered the D30 are a great deal and compared with other offerings, it will do for a while. I know some people have the Darkvoice, and the Valhalla. But if I want to input monstrous amounts of power into this what other amps should I be looking for? Since infinite budget would get infinite power, I'm looking to stretch my budget up to 600 USD. Not more that what I paid for the DT-1990.
  9. DW75
    I am an Amiron Home owner. I have it paired with the Audio-GD C-2 (2017 Edition) headphone amp, and I highly recommend it. This puppy has massive amounts of power. It is a very neutral sounding amp. It does not add or take anything away from the music at all. The bass is tight, defined, and accurate. Soundstaging has a slightly holographic character to it. Treble is clean, smooth, and completely non-fatiguing. You will be super happy with it. Look at the power output. After shipping, it will cost you about 500 US. Here is the link for it below.

    25 ohm: 9900MW
    40 ohm: 8000MW
    100 ohm: 3500MW
    300 ohm: 1200MW
    600 ohm: 600MW

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  10. Darksoul
    Oh damn, that's a lot of power. I'm interested.
  11. DW75
    It is a great amp. Just contact Kingwa to ask for your price quote. You will get a response back shortly. On low gain, the amp goes from 0 to 100 on the dial. On high gain, 0 to 63. On high gain, my Amiron Home is plenty loud at 24-28 on the dial with new albums. You could easily damage your hearing with this amp, so be reasonable when using.
  12. DW75
    There is their email. Just contact them and give them your name and address. Let them know what amp you want, and they will email you a price quote including shipping cost.

  13. Darksoul
    Thanks, before going for only an amp I perused quite a lot the NFB-11.28, but after that I saw the virtues of separated things. According to their quotes, I'm looking at 100 USD shipping costs to Latin America...better save some more.
  14. DW75
    Before I bought the C-2, I talked to Kingwa a few times. The C-2 amp is a huge step up from the amp section in the R2R 11, NFB-11.28, and NFB-11.38 combos. Granted, that is to be expected, with the C-2 being a stand alone amp for 450 plus shipping. I have no doubt you will be impressed. I love the digital volume control on it too. It is nice to be able to adjust the volume up or down by one number at a time. It really allows you to fine tune in your exact volume for different albums.
  15. DW75
    One thing to note as well, is the front display that shows your volume, gain, and current input/output in use is blue in color. You don't see that on the website.
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