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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. derbigpr
    Ok I can't take it anymore. I've been going through this thread and seeing everything you wrote, including the insults pointed at people who produce these headphones, and I must say it's got to be the biggest amount of garbage I've seen on head-fi in a long time, and the competition is very strong. Unless you're trolling (which I seriously think you are), you have to seriously reconsider what you're doing and stop talking and jumping into conclusions about things you know nothing about have no experience with.  You clearly, VERY clearly lack the technical knowledge, and clearly don't understand the amount of complexities that determine how a headphone will sound if you think that you can judge something like a pair of HD800's, WHILE CLAIMING YOU'VE NEVER ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THEM, and call them a bad headphone because of a frequency response that doesn't look accurate to YOU. Clearly, you also lack the understanding of hearing neurophysiology and how complex the relationship between many physical aspects of a headphone and our hearing system is, and think that what measures as a flat line on a simple frequency response graph is accurate...well, no, it's not, far from it when it comes to headphones. You can't judge a headphone by a simple frequency response graph, because a frequency response graph will only tell you roughly how a headphone sounds, not nearly enough data to be able to come to a conclusion about it. Calling headphones like T1's, LCD3's, TH900's and similar bad, again, without hearing them, tells a lot about your personality and your inability to judge what you should and what you should not say.
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  2. Beagle
    Jeez, just use the "block member" function [​IMG]
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  3. DecentLevi
    @derbigpr Although your post was frank and borderlining offensive, I pretty much agree about @Juan Virgo - I just let most of his pointless posts fly over my head because they were so unintelligible that I just never got his drift. He's sub'd to this thread and has been only bashing the DT 1770 without trying it and apparently no intention to do so.
    The definition of an Internet troll: A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues. 
    There is also a rule on Head-Fi to not endorse a product that you haven't tried, and I think the other side of the coin would be to not defame something that you haven't tried yet either. My advice to the above user is to attend a head-fi meet so that you can try new gear so that you can make proper statements about them, and to double check your posts for validity before publishing them. This is an audiophile product-review platform in which the posts are permanent, not a chatroom.
    Head-Fi meets:
    And now to the reviews of the DT 1770 after they come in...
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  4. beyerlove
    Mine has arrived just now!
    Superb build quality...Gorgeous hand feel that I've never felt on beyerdynamic phones except T1 and T5p!
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  5. Mad Max
    I prefer ruse-maniac.  Issues never have to be trivial.
    Actually, it's more effective to avoid trivial stuff to mess with people over.
  6. kawaivpc1
    Please compare this to HD800, AKG K812 PRO, Audeze LCD-X, Shure SRH1840?
  7. Juan Virgo
    Ohhh... really ? Can or can not, let me decide,
    I never say I can judge , I just say that "the FR graph is a starting point", and company who produce a 700$ headphone for professionals and 1500$ for enthusiasts,
    if the company respects they customers, they must provide a prove of headphone behavior...
    (as provided Leica PDF with MTF for every lens, or even Audezee, if i remember well, provided FR graph for every headphone)
    THIS IS NORMAL. As they provide frequency range, they must provide a FR graph, not for every phone, but for a model, tested in the House.
    SO , my dear, YES , I CLAIM, that FR GRAPH is a starting point, with first important information I need to decide..
    Maybe the amount of wood and leather and titanium, potassium and other marketing #$#%
    is much more useful information for you and your neurophysiology  but not for me.
    While I speak about headphones only, you try to bite me personally. I can not get it.
    I'm on the customer side.
    p.s.: A few month ago we tested the amarra software, we were shocked how bad it sounds, I write it here, but the post was deleted.
    So it does not help sometimes to judge something on your personal experience :) You can always be censored. 
    A perfect example HOW a manufacture trying to care, a test with calibrated equipment , they even provide a serial number of it:
    I'm not asking it for every BD headphone, only for the model.
    I try the LCD-2, a very good headphone. I can buy it even without a hearing, only based on this graph.
  8. beyerlove
    Sorry man I have none of these.
    But definitely I like the 1770s!  These headphones are very different from T70s/T90s.
  9. derbigpr
    Yet, you shat all over HD800's, even though they provide you with a frequency response graph of your particular headphone if you enter your serial number on their website, but you probably didn't know that either considering you have absolutely no experience with them.
    You can use a FR graph as a very rough guide, but can't claim nonsense like "HD600 are technically better than HD800" just because you think it's frequency response is better, because if you had them on your head for just two minutes, you'd know how ridiculous that claim is, regardless of your sound preferences. Again, you clearly think that a flat frequency response is what you want because it's the most natural, when in fact, no, it's not. A frequency response of a headphone is much more complex than just "flatter is better". At least use a waterfall plot if you're gonna judge it by FR only, that will give you much more info about a headphone and at the same time show you how deceiving a simple FR graph can be, why sometimes headphones sound very different than you expect them to judging by their FR graphs, and why simply judging a headphone by it's frequency response is impossible and wrong. For example, I can EQ my cheap Sennheiser HD202's to MEASURE EXACTLY THE SAME as my Beyerdynamic T1's, down to 0,5db, on the same measuring rig, using the same microphone, the same software, the same reference volume level, etc. I can look at the frequency response on my screen, in real time, totally match the levels of each frequency on both headphones, and make their FR graphs totally identical, yet, when I take them off the measuring rig and put them on my head, they sound nothing like T1's, and nowhere near as good. But according to you, HD202's EQ'd that way would be exactly as good, and therefore much better because they cost 30 dollars and offer 1000 dollar sound, right? No. 
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  10. derbigpr
    How does the ear pad replacement work now, the same old fiddly way or did they devise a simpler way to do it? 
  11. Youth
    I'd love to see a comparision against DT770. I hope it's just not an upgrade from that.
  12. Juan Virgo
    But according to you those pair are sounds like 1700 and 5000$ ? :))))
    Believe me, I wouldn't pay for them even 300$, I'm using it from time to time, just because my friend can not able to listen to them
    ... So the price doesn't meter, the price in case of headphone, is the last thing you should take into account when talking about correct sound.
    the HD600, technically better then HD700 and sounds much better  (tested),
    I believe they also better then HD800 (its just my speculation based on FR graph and a close signature to HD700 i try),
      you just need to understand what the right sound is..
    Maybe you think that sibilants and annoying highs, means details and resolution, but you wrong. It doesn't. 
    I really don't care what you understand or doesn't...
    But I care for Beyerdynamics...
    My hopes, that finally they understand what was wrong with they DT770, and they came to fix it in DT1770.
  13. Youth
    I find it hillarious that you even dare to make that statement without having tried the HD800. 
  14. Juan Virgo
    its just my speculation based on FR graph and a close signature to HD700 i try... 
    I promise to test it in near future.
    But it not an HD800 thread, just stop to wash this 1.5K$ phone with paint that getting off...
  15. beyerlove
    In my opinion, DT1770 has very different sound signature than DT770's. I don't even find much similarity.
    DT1770 is very smooth, natural sounding headphones. it doesn't have treble peak which is very familiar with beyer's headphones users.
    and it reminds me of the sound of DT150, but with superb detail and much tighter and heavier bass.
    The most appealing aspect of the DT1770 is very engaging sound without fatigue.
    Acturally I've been listening to mine for 5 or 6 hours.
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