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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. kman1211
    Finally got my DT 150 back. I missed them quite a bit, spend hours listened to them. Forgot how musical they are and that bass.
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  2. Arttt
    Kman, I wouldn't let dt150 get dusty, it's an amazing can!
    What pads are you using it with ?
  3. MrTechAgent
    Well, I think you edited the HD565 part but it's interesting that you find the bass bloated on the HD600.
    Anyway, I'm a big fan of the Senns before and of the 90s.
    Have NOS HD580 incoming, it'll be interesting to compare it to my 600s and 650s, although they "supposedly" share the HD600 drivers, I've heard reports saying its more aggressive up top, kinda like the HD590 which had a treble presentation reminiscent of 7-8-9 Beyerdynamics.
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  4. kman1211

    Well the HD545 part. The bass is a little bloated compared to my other headphones on the HD 600. Well considering the HD 600 and HD 650 have different drivers it's likely different especially if it's an older pair. The HD 545 driver sounds better in the HD 600 housing imo. It has less focus than the HD 600 driver leading to a slightly smeared and blending effect of the imaging in comparison, reminiscent of an older revision HD 600 I heard a while back. The thing is the driver is more balanced sounding and the treble doesn't have the weird bluntness found in the HD 600. The slight smearing effect makes it more musical than the HD 600. Senn took slightly too much treble energy away from the HD 600. I find some Beyers tend to have a slightly metallic tinge in the treble at times and particularly on certain systems or tubes as well as on bad recordings. AKGs tend to have what I call a raw treble, it's not what I call grainy(except on lesser AKGs) but it's a bit ruthless on lesser systems and recordings.

    Edit: I do need to spend more time with them and tube swap a couple times, it could simply be synergy issues I was experiencing earlier with them as they sound really good in stock form on my Fat Bottle tubes. The fact they are 150 ohms is one thing that changes how they react with amplificiation. I always go back to my Amperex Fat Bottles, they seem to sound the best on all my headphones, though some headphones such as the K712, K612, and HD 545 seem to prefer low gain with the tubes. The HD 600 and T50RP prefer seem to prefer high gain on the tubes. I'm still figuring out which setting the DT 150 prefers.


    I just use the stock pads.
  5. MrTechAgent

    Yes, let me know what tubes do well with the DT150.
    I want to roll my V2.
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  6. Lorspeaker
    listening to the dt150 straight from my McAir /Itune /Audirvana....all volume maxed out. :p
    ....so enjoyable, v comfy...soothing...great bass.. enveloping soundscape.
    The best 90bucks i paid for a "hideous" looking can..lolz.
  7. kman1211
    Will do. What do you find the main problem with the Valhalla's 2s stock tubes on the DT 150? I find the stock tubes(which are different than the Val 2's stock tubes) on the Lyr 2 a bit too bassy on the DT 150 to the point it can cause bass bleeding. The Amperex Bugle Boys have a nice midrange and are leaner in the bass, which does nicely with the DT 150, the highs seems to be a little rough at times(need to spend more time with them). The Amperex Fat Bottles have the nicest midrange and highs of the bunch with the DT 150, it's quite warm sounding, the bass is good too, the DT 150 is a little bottom heavy for my tastes at times on these tubes but it's never overbearing like it can be on the stock tubes. Of the three tubes I tried on the Lyr 2, I like the Fat Bottles are the best on all my headphones. Not sure how these tubes would do in the Valhalla 2 though due to the amp differences.
    I'm also aware my DAC is on the warm side. I plan on upgrading the DAC in a couple months, I like this DAC's sound so I'm upgrading to higher-end model from the same brand as it seems to share a similar sound but better.
  8. Vaughn
    I picked up a pair of DT150s not long ago and have to say they are one of my favorite closed headphones so far. Mine have some kind of aftermarket pad that is a little thicker. I actually like the brutal Cold War styling:)
  9. MrTechAgent
    To be honest, signature wise..I'm perfectly happy.
    More expansiveness is something I want, I almost can't differentiate between the V2 and my STX with most of my headphones except the K240.

    The K240 Scales-Up the best with the V2, I'm eyeing at Violectric stuff but want to give rolling a shot before I do that.
    Because so far..fidelity wise, the V2 has been pretty mediocre.
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  10. kman1211
    You should probably upgrade your DAC before getting a higher-end amp(unless the amp your eyeing is a nice AMP/DAC combo), especially if you ever plan on going balanced, the headphones and amp are being held back a bit due to the DAC imho. I found my Lyr 2 a huge upgrade from my EF2A and Magni personally. I found nice interconnect cables also made a big difference, if I swap to a cheaper cable, the sound becomes thinner, a little lacking in body, and and a bit brittle in comparison, it's immediately noticeable. When I upgraded my DAC from my ASUS Xonar DX to my HRT Music Streamer II+ that was a huge upgrade, the sound became more defined, heavy, immersive, and dynamic. My DAC isn't the most soundstage oriented, so that aspect was only a modest upgrade, imaging was a big upgrade though. The next DAC I'm getting has RCA outputs as well as balanced outputs for when I eventually go balanced.
  11. Arttt
    I bet dt150 will have great synergy with beyerdynamic A1. I will try it next week!
  12. privilege15
    Finally I received a spare DT150 cable, cut the 3.5mm plug and managed to solder a balanced connector to it.
    Some pictures:
    I found 3 wires only instead of four in DT150 cable. So using a bracket was the solution of mine to interconnect neutral pins.
    More pictures:
     I had to buy a soldering iron for the sake of accomplishing this task only. Soldering is not perfect because I don't solder for the living. I just know how to do it in general but it works)
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  13. Arttt
    So how's the sound?
  14. privilege15
    I will return with the answer after a while of listening and comparing. At first the dynamic range seems wider, especially on complex music like rock and metal, but it might be just my brain telling me this so need more time to analyse.
  15. Baycode
    If you see only 3 wires inside the DT150 cable and while soldering the neutral you use a bracket to connect NR3 and NR6, you loose the "BALANCED" feature of your amp. You need to separate the neutral for left and right channels to get the "real benefit" of a  balanced amp/connector.
    ...so you need a cable with 4 separate wires inside.
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