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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. Lorspeaker
    This pad is on my dt150...it gives a neutral studio like sound with little (hall like) resonance.
    a headfier tried this n didnt like it ...http://www.ebay.com/itm/261614483292
  2. Baycode
    Yep I have tried this one that Lors mentioned and didn't like the sound. My DT150 became like a 20USD crapphone after this earpad :p    Stuffing some foam beneath the earpads didn't help as well.
  3. richbass
    How would the Valhalla 2 pair with DT150 ? Better than DV336SE ?
  4. Lorspeaker
    absolutely NOT...cos i havent heard it and dun plan on using it...and my pocket disapproves. LOL
    ok..above is just a jest... dun loose sleep over it.
    The more i listen to the DT150..the more i think the right word is NATURAL sounding..
    rather than "neutral"...
    listening to some german marches now.. sounds like a real marching band infront of me.
  5. Baycode

    Absolutely agree that DT150 sounds NAtural!
  6. colt1664
    Hi all,
    The Mad dogs cost 50ish dollars, which is OK, but shipping to Europe is another 50! What?!
    (edit: just did a quick check and the shipping is 15 bucks. My bad, but still too much for a couple of grams)
    So I went ahead and ordered "Brainwavz HM5 Thick Memory Foam Earpad" and here are my first impressions:
    - They are indeed tough to fit on. I had to ask my wife to do it (she has dainty fingers XD)
    - the foam isn't as thick as on the stock pads. This makes for  better seal around the ears (although that could be because they are still brand new). I tune the volume down half a notch compared to the stock ear pads.
    This also impacts bass response negatively, they are louder but less precise and I find myself switching bass boost off. I also heard a little vibrations when listeneing to James Brown - I got soul but when I tried it on again with the same tune, vibrations were gone. Maybe a little burn-in time is needed.
    - my ears feel like they are closer to the drivers.
    - Highs are significantly better (I heard new sounds on some tracks which I thought I knew quite well).
    As I said, these are my first impressions. I will update when they have a week of listening to.
    Just a pic to show that they fit:
  7. Lorspeaker

    i like this video... :p
  8. MrTechAgent
    Oooo, thanks for sharing my video!
    Four months ago when I bought the DT150 based on a friend's recommendation, I distinctly remember how inactive the DT150 discussion was on Head-Fi, then Kman1211 asked me some questions on YouTube and bought his..after those events, the DT150 discussion has spiked up considerably. Which is fantastic. 
    Kaldas Research Stay updated on Kaldas Research at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.instagram.com/kaldasresearch/ http://kaldasresearch.com/
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  9. kman1211
    My DT 150 has been borrowed by a friend for about a month. I'm missing them quite a bit, should have them back next week. The DT 150's are one of the few closed-backs that don't bother me in the bass, a lot of closed-backs project bass in a way that my ears don't like and this causes a channel imbalance in my ears, sometimes quite severe as is the case with the V-Moda Crossfades LP and a modded T50RP, mainly where the bass is in my right ear mainly. Open-backs don't generally do this, neither do angled drivers, but a non-angled driver closed-back chances are it's going to do this, the DT 150 seems to project the sound into my ears with a balance that not even most open-backs do quite as well. My ears are oddly sensitive to how headphones project sound.
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  10. Hairspray
    As the title says: the 150s are bloody brillant, really.
  11. Tiemen
    This is what I encounter sometimes as well with other closed headphones: the bass in the right ear. Very annoying!
    Another position on the head will help now and then. When it doesn't, I have to swap the pads. Or sell the headphone, like that awful DT 770.
    And indeed, this hasn't happen with the DT 150 thankfully [​IMG]
  12. Lorspeaker
    am using the thick alphapads with dt770...it is a snug tight fit, barely gotten my skull in.
    the sound is somewhat crossfed or something...as if the sound when around or thru the thick pads..
    i liked the effect n decided to keep it as it is for a diff taste to the music. :p
    i think the dt150 benefit from slight angling of the pads to give it some frontal projection...
    if that matters to u..depth.
  13. Arttt
    I put dt150 on, damn! Earpads feel so cheap and ears getting warm. But i don't want to take them off :cool:
  14. nicolasete
    Would you be so kind as to make a comparison between them and the HD800, given that you own both? (Also, could you give us some details about what are you using to drive them?)
    Cheers =)
  15. Arttt
    I wonder why people compare closed back design cans with open back design cans, it will be like having a picnic in a park with a beautiful view and complaining about the weather, too windy or to hot. And then have a dinner inside the house and complaine about not having a great view of a sunset or something. Focus will be never on the food but on the atmosphere you received it...

    Same with open and closed headphones, once you start to compare them, focus will be on the strong sides and weack sides of closed and open designs and not one the sonic signature of headphones themselves....

    So the question you asked is how a closed headphone (dt150) is compared to a open can(hd800)
    Answer is, open headphone sound more OPEN than the closed one sound more.. can you guess? :cool:

    As for sonic character, dt150 has liquid sound with full bodied and smooth midrange. Sound is clear and engaging, very musical headphone! I enjoy it with all type of music, definitely allrounder.
    I drive it straight out of iPad Air for now and it sounds fine, even thou it's 250ohms. But dt150 will definetly benefit from amp, no doubt about that!

    I tryed to force myself to compare hd800 with dt150 to humor you, but couldn't do it :D
    Hd800 is a special headphone, once paired right with other gear there's a few headphones to be compared with hd800 and dt150 isn't one of them ...
    Otherwise without right gear to match hd800, this headphones are not worth mention at all...
    I haven't found right amp for mine, yet...
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