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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. Lorspeaker
    ANyone tried the LCD velor on the dt150....does the size fit? 
  2. Defiant00
    Just to confirm, there's only one way to insert the cable, right? And that's with the screw facing inward? Since it sounds right I'd assume it's correct.

    Have only had a few minutes with these so far, but first impression is that I have no idea why they aren't more popular here, as these are excellent!

    Edit: And one more question; what's the extra screw that this comes with for?
  3. Lorspeaker
    in case u lost a screw> ? :p
  4. Defiant00
    I'm wondering if it's to screw in / permanently attach the cable (not that it seems like it'd come out on its own).
  5. Lorspeaker
    oh,,u meant that screw, yaa screw it in...the bass will tighten ...maybe :p
  6. kman1211

    The screw is for keeping the cable attached to the headphone. There is only one way to insert the cable as two of the pins are spaced further than the other four.
    It's just one of those headphones that sadly got overlooked. Hopefully more people will try them out and word will spread.
  7. Lorspeaker
    anyone knows which year this can was launched? 
    when i first saw it, i tot it was a recently introduced can :p
  8. Defiant00
    K, that's what I thought with the cable. Just wanted to make sure since the manual is surprisingly light on the typical dumbed-down instructions you usually get these days [​IMG]
    Initial impressions are certainly positive on these. Bass goes down really low without being overly intrusive, and it's got a surprising amount of detail without seeming harsh.
  9. kman1211

    I am not sure but I think I remember reading somewhere it came out in the 80s.
    It's a very unoffensive headphone yet doesn't really lack anything. The treble, mids, and bass is all there with the near electrostatic smoothness and cleanness typical of Beyer. I think the reason the headphone may be overlooked is because of how long the headphone has been out and honestly it's heavy industrial looks. It's a professional headphone, it was never really marketed to audiophiles.
  10. Lorspeaker
    look at those screws....must hv been 2 decades old?..made in germany.
  11. Defiant00
    And according to my new pair, they still are made in Germany. Nice to see at least one of the bigger companies not move all their production to China.
  12. kman1211

    Yep they are. All Beyer DT headphones are made in Germany, same with the T headphones and the Custom One Pros. I believe the DTX models and their iems are made in China though.
  13. 396629
    Not sure about the 150s but the DT100 dates back to at least 1975
  14. MrTechAgent
    DT100 first manufactured in 1960.
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  15. 396629
    1960 !
    Are you sure about that ? Always thought of the DT100 of as a classic 70s phone used by my favouite band Pink Floyd, amongst others and yes I was around then,
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