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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. Danger Mouse
    What is everyone's opinion of the Massdrop Objective 2 (02) Headphone Amplifier? I'm guessing the standard gain version would be better for driving higher resistance headphones? (250 ohm)

    Drop ends in less than a day.
  2. Lorspeaker
    blackFriweekend listening belongs to the DT150 :)
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  3. jdpark
    While I'm not giving up on the DT150, I can say that the Amiron Home is like an open-backed, better looking, and more comfortable older brother of the DT150. It's really better in all respects, as far as I can tell. However the DT150 is still good when you want a closed can.
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  4. crazywipe
    I got the Beyerdynamic dt770 32 ohm and It's amazing!
    This one is the only model that comes with pleather pads instead of velour. This helps to smooth the treble response, also gives more isolation.
    I think the dt150 share the same driver. They sound quite different. The dt150 it's very good with vocals, but sometimes it can sound a bit dull because of the dip in the upper mids. The dt770 32 ohms it's very engaging sounding with a fun U-Shape sound-signature. There is no dip between mids and highs. The bass is deep and thumpy, mids are full, the treble it's just a bit bright on top. Highs are very well controlled, sibilance is minimal or non-existent. I can drive the dt770 32 very well from my iPhone. The cable is 1.6 meters, very smart length.

    I still like the dt150, but I am tired to change earpads to deliver their full potential. (I tried more than 10 different earpads) The Dt 770 32 sounds amazing straight out the box. For 130 EUR, is a steal! The best purchase I made in 7 years of Head-fi.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  5. mbwilson111

    Very happy you are enjoying them so much.
  6. crazywipe
  7. Synthax
    Hi Collegues,
    Here is my 3D-Extension Mod. Very positive effect to enlarge scene and to reduce unwanted resonances.

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
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  8. SHAMuuu
    dt100hm55.jpg dt100hm52.jpg dt100hm5.jpg dt100hm54.jpg

    hm5 sheepskin attached to dt100 pad lip with super glue.. The white leather strip (functional mod) was to make the round XL more rectangular, ; which it is near the lip, but becomes more oval at the ear.

    Defo more comfy than dt100 pads. These stay on 100s, 150 pads for its 250 ohm bro unless alpha'd up :D
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  9. SHAMuuu
    Pad update,

    Stitched it for more security. These are XL hm5 sheepskin. Not regular. Lip extension, all leather. This was my first pad attempt for the dt1X0 line. I just wanted to try leather.
    Another way is to superglue pad onto base, as well as lip of the pad to the lip of the dt pad, and trim.
    Some updated pics (sorry for bad camera - laptop webcam).

    dt100hm5.jpg dt100hm52.jpg dt100hm53.jpg dt100hm54.jpg dt100hm55.jpg dt100hm56.jpg dt100hm57.jpg dt100hm58.jpg dt100hm510.jpg

    DO ONLY if you wish for better fit with round leather pads, and want more of 'cleaner' fit. I will admit it took me a few tries to figure out but its not rocket science.
    I got both an appreciation for stitching by hand; which with leather can be challenging. As well as cutting leather, and learning how hard it is to manually cut straight lines.

    I am confident, the more I make, the better they will turn out. The second pad took much less time figuring out than the first which needed a plan and execution.

    Thinking of adding a blue, and red thin strip to clean up small gap lines..Or white to keep it all white. Will see.

    Good Luck :)
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
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  10. Darkimmortal
    For an easier upgrade, Alpha dog pads fit without any DIY (and sound incredible!)
  11. SHAMuuu

    I absolutely agree! 100% LOL

    But in case you have beaten up sheeps from another can, and old dt pads, you can make one until new one arrives, and to kill time.!

    I still have much much love for the stock pads once it forms.

    I find them to seal excellent once it breaks in, so comfy.

    New it leaks. I just squish em till they mould.

    I will keep Alphas or even Vespa pads in mind for sure! Probably for the 480 than the 1X0 though.

    These are just on the 100s , which stock have shallow pads.

    Love the Beyer tanks :D
  12. hatrack71
    I just got my pair of 250 ohm. All I can say is yum!! This is one juicy pair of headphones. And man do they ever dig deep in the bass department. I am really liking these. Possibly the best Beyer I've heard. So balanced and relaxed but very detailed. And the sound stage is bigger than any closed headphone I've heard as well. Even some open ones like the ATH-AD700... forget it.. these are way bigger. I removed the crumbling sorbothane inside the cups. I think I will leave them out and have just the bare white driver cover showing as I like the sound a little brighter. Geez.. these are so good.... and sooo much lighter than I had thought. Nothing like the weight of the DT 480.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
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  13. SHAMuuu
    meghan-markle-jumper-ms.jpg Meghan+Markle+Prince+Harry+Meghan+Markle+Visit+-U1M0rs-74Yl.jpg

    if good enough for the Princess...
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  14. hatrack71
    She's way too classy for him...:^)
  15. mbwilson111
    Is that real?
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