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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. CJG888
    I just upgraded the cable on my DT150s. The new cable consists of 3m of Mogami 2534, blue cables used for signal, white for ground (separate for each channel). The screen is not used. Connectors are an original Beyerdynamic earcup connector and a gold plated Neutrik 6.3mm jack. All solder joints were made with Cardas Quad Eutectic solder. The result is extremely pleasing, and rivals my recabled HD600.
  2. ilmothedude

    I installed 8 pieces of sorbathane duro 70 in both of DT150 cups, and I definitely can hear improvement. I tested at first only sorb in right cup, so I could hear the difference in channels, and I instantly felt how right side sounded more open and possibly slightly wider soundstage. Imaging was more precise and more air between instruments. Definitely great upgrade to sound, sounding now clearer and better than ever!
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  3. richard51
    Congratulations! Ilmothedude, it is same here...:L3000:
  4. ilmothedude
    Thanks and thanks for suggestions! This mod is definitely recommended for everyone! Now I think I should also try some sorb with my shures, as it only seems to improve things with headphones. And btw, I ordered some pink quartz and madagascar agate stones off ebay. And even though I'm still a bit sceptic about that stuff, I still think it's worth to experiment as they were cheap to buy, and even slight upgrade will be good at that price. I'll wait and see!
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  5. richard51
    i am completely enthralled by the Beyerdynamic DT-150, i tweak it better by the day...this headphone is the first that satisfy me for the last seven years.... My 2 Stax, my HE-400 were not completely up to the task about naturalistic reproduction of musical timbre, or good imaging and sounstaging....If your DT-150 sound cavernous, if the imaging is not coherent,if the soundstage is not large with depth, if the violin or the piano, or the harpsichord does not sound natural, dont blame this headphone, learn to use it first, question your source,question your headphone amplifier, damp the cans and tweak them with crystals+sorbothane....

    It will be not so exciting for me to go back now to my others headphone... Now i understand WHY so much people here have a collection of headphones in so much great numbers, and why so much people, are going on from an headphone to another....Except for collectors, many, like me, before i bought the DT-150, has probably never listen to a truly balance headphone performing modestly well on all count and all aspects, without excess or lacking something ... Many people like me have no access to an headphones bar....How do you know if you already have the good one,if you cannot compare, if you have never listen to a musical one before, like me.... But for sure your inconscious knows better, something has always titillated me in the back of my neck ...

    For sure if you participate in CANJAM (i cannot) you will listen in all that there is, to some very good and better headphone than the DT-150, but the price will not be cheap, for this balance and very good new headphone.... The DT-150 is cheap price...The DT-150 do nothing perfectly to the utmost level,BUT he do all aspects of music with a good performance, ALL aspects, imaging, soundstage, bass, highs, medium frequencies , with balance, relative neutrality, without never fatiguing , good dynamic,etc...This is rare certainly...The DT-150 has no evident flaw on some count like the other headphone i have listen to...When an headphone has a big flaw, or lack something, you change it after some time for an another one,your inconscious ears is not filled with the apaising beauty of the music...This is what this headphone gives to me... Alas! Out of the box, without the right source or amplifier, if you not tweak it rightly, it is not the same headphone that i listen to now and perhaps you will wrongfully may say that i am a fool...:deadhorse:

    I have the same beloved pieces of music, in Lp first, in cd after, and in files form now, for the last 40 years, and i can say that l listen to them for the first time, on the count of natural details, and musical coherence....That is what the DT-150 does for me, he does not shout in my ears,nor give me a false reality, he only invite me to listen to the real music, not to the headphone ...

    update : Putting one thin lemurian quartz stick alongside of each end of the interconnect between dac and amplifier and at the same time a circular madagascar agate ring under them, at each end, and 2 madagascar agate on each speakers cable+a sodalite crystals under each of them them push the sound in my headphone to another level, and the DT-150 to a new more precise imaging, all feminine voices are particularly naturally sounding, way better than all my other headphones ... In few days i will try a new Sansui alpha series Amplifier, more refine than the marvellous Au-7700, and i will see how the DT-150 would scale from the headphone out...
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  6. mbwilson111
    and that is the important thing...
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  7. eimis
    Just curious, how do you think those crystals work?
  8. richard51
    I had promised to report here after the so called upgrade for my beyerdynamic DT-150, a new amplifier, the Sansui AU-X701....

    I think that the AU-X701 is an audiophile amplifier of very good quality....The only problem i have with, perhaps linked to some synergy with my DT-150 or with my Mission speakers, is that the Au-7700 is also an audiophile marvel, more attuned probably with my gear, in one word i have listen to the Au-X701, 8 hours straight, and i was all along in shock by the difference with the Au-7700... On Hifiengine a guy named "emilien" , a repairman, say that the 7700 was one the best Sansui amplifier for him, period... I think he exagerated, i bought the AU-X701 alpha series amplifier, certain that will be an upgrade for me; by all reviews, a very good amplifier, hi-end one with very detailed imaging,yes, but less good for me than my 7700, that have more 3-d tubelike mids to die for and more body to the sound with almost the same details imaging, a bit less perhaps but more analog sounding than digital,more alive, and more real-life sound.... At the end i disconnect the AU-X701, praying that i will never need it....The Au-7700 has almost all i need...His headphone out is more than very good, in fact i think it is better than the headphone out of the 701.... And with Mission cyrus 781 speakers and beyerdynamic DT-150 it is perfect synergy... I will die with him... i now know what marvel that amplifier is , even a so called "better" more evoluated alpha series amp is only different, and is only that, different, not really better, and in my case with the DT-150 less hi-end than my 7700...:L3000:
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  9. richard51
    Hi! Eimis, frankly i dont know, and i think nobody knows completely, i think that the stones and crystals act on the electro-magnetical field of all specific connected gear of my system, stones or crystals does not act sonically with same effect on different spot ,or with different gear.... Without them, i would not be so in love with my system...With them my system has more body, better soundstage, better imaging, better musical timbre etc...You must experiment, there is no recipe for all... But begin with pink quartz, madagascar agate,and amethysts, with only that you will see some light , trust me...

    For me i try more than 30 kind of stones and crystals to discover the better ones, i try that because certain companies, for example a japanese one, Acoustic Revive, sell at too much high price for me some products with crystals, but with too many good reviews to be dismiss as snake oil....Hence i decide to reproduce that myself at a much less cost and with more varities of stones or crystals... My results far exceeded my expectations...

    It is even possible to act on the perception of the sound image,its form, thickness, and elongation, only by placing specific stones at certain place .... I will not go on here before people has experiment by themshelf and verified some basic audio fact, for example quartz+agate on top of the central electrical panel...Before that i risk only sarcasm by the crowd...

    It is better now to go back to the subject of this thread : the marvellous DT-150 indeed, the only imperfect headphone, that is life-like realistic, that is good, and only simply good, in all aspects of the perceived sound, bought used at 100 bucks,beaten only by very costly cans, only on some aspects of the sound, and crushed on all aspects probably by only some very costly TOTL headphones i will never buy(many thousand dollars for an headphone is not possible for me)...Remember that i dont miss my 2 excellent Stax, and the He-400...I have them and dont listen to them now... This is my testimony to the DT-150... It is very important that you remember that the DT-150 need the right source, right amplifier, and the right modifications to accomplish his potential...For exemple i dont like it with the Sansui AU-X701 amplifier... In audio the less conscious factor in the sound equation is synergy between parts,not the price paid, and the resulting upgraditis is often only a marketting hypnotic induced state .... Best regards to all...
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2017
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  10. jdpark
    All the DT150 needs is a good source, some well-mastered recordings, and a bit of clean power. Please don't evangelize your crystal cult here. The DT150 is a good headphone without snake oil.

    They're doing just fine playing DSD128 Beethoven's 5th & 7th symphonies right now through the Chord Mojo. The only modification I did was remove the inner foam.

    Soundstage is wider than any closed headphones I know of, and instruments sound quite real. Bass is solid and tight. Sparkle at the top end, which isn't fatiguing as long as you have a good source.

    Vocals sound amazing. Imaging is very good, though perhaps not at the level of the higher-end Beyers... There are some dips in the mid-range, but that probably eliminates some nasaly sounds.
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  11. CJG888
    Yes, they offer fantastic value, especially once the cable has been upgraded (I would recommend Mogami 2534). The new cable is quite bulky, but it gets out of the way sonically. I am currently preferring them to my DT880-600 (out of an Audio-gd SA-31SE).
  12. jdpark
    Why didn't you glue some crystals on that cable CJG888? You could have turned the DT150 into a Stax. :deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse:

    But in all seriousness, I'm listening to Cat Steven's album Tea for Tillerman from HDTracks at 96/24. You can literally hear the difference between the bass notes in the piano and the bass guitar (at least with the Mojo).

    Foobar KS + Chord Mojo + DT150 = bliss for relatively cheap, as long as you invest in a good music collection. You need well-mastered stuff to really take these to the next level.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
  13. xivlia
    2k Ohm..What :D
  14. god-bluff
    +1 on the crystals. You can never have too many.

    However I did not rate the Mojo/ DT150 at all when I had the Beyers. Very underwhelming and really quite dull IMO. The Mojo magic was with lesser impedance phones.They sounded much better through my cheaper amps ie Graham Slee Voyager for portable use IMO. I think you are missing out on some of the 150s potential there
  15. MayorDomino
    How powerful is the Voyager, how is it with the DT150s?
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