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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. MayorDomino
    Dont waste your money just get an O2 or some other headphones.
  2. shamu144
    I have been informed that this particular cable was not compatible to operate the DT150 in balanced mode... Just to let you know. They however sound fantastic as is. Switching to the Nad viso, I feel the sound loose so much of its body, and music gets somehow less engaging (I would say similar to what electrostat sound does to me). Those DT150 are really lovely !
  3. keit
    I think the biggest flaw of them is that the padding makes the drivers stay too close to your ears. They made my ears hurt from having constant physical pressure onto them. After half a year or so it got better though, maybe my ears just adjusted and went got less monkey-ears or I just stopped noticing it. In my old DT770's I had similar ear space though, which is very airy and roomy. I think the SRH840's might just have been constructed with more soft padding which made em clamp a bit too tight. 
    You're recommending that DAC or what? And if I don't get it I should just scrap them? I enjoy them currently but I think they might sound even better with an amp. I mean I like them better than my 44 ohm Shures even with my built in Texas Instruments OPA1652 op-amp..
  4. MayorDomino
     Nah im just saying dont mess around with Cheap DACs just Get the best amp you can afford
  5. Nachash
    Would the he400i be a nice upgrade over the dt150?
  6. mysticstryk

    Do you need a DAC and an amp with a combined budget of $100? If that's the case, just grab a Fulla 2. The DT150 will scale up if you ever upgrade your gear down the road.

    If just a DAC, the Modi 2 is about as good as it gets for under $100.
  7. amigomatt
    Try and look for an HRT Microstreamer. Amazing DAC/amp for the money.
  8. MayorDomino
    Wanting some DT100 pads, can someone tell if there is a difference between vinyl and soft skin?
  9. mysticstryk
  10. MayorDomino
    nah ive got those on now.
  11. Nachash
    The DT100 velour pads are unavailable? I can't seem to find it
  12. Arvan
    Seems weird but i cant find them either. I purchased my pair on ebay but now i cant find them...
  13. Tiemen
  14. MayorDomino
    Ill sell my velours for 13 euro including delivery
  15. Nachash

    Used or new?
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