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beyerdynamic Announces Xelento Remote, CUSTOM GAME and MMX 300 2nd Gen @ CES 2017

  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    CES 2017 may not have officially started yet, but that hasn't stopped beyerdynamic from announcing three new additions to their lineup with the Xelento remote, CUSTOM GAME and MMX 300 2nd Generation headphones.
    PIC_Xelento-remote_16-11_front-remote_v2.jpg    PIC_Xelento-remote_16-11_leiing_v1.jpg
    The Xelento remote is an in-ear headphone with an "intense and intoxicating sound" thanks to beyerdynamic's Tesla technology. The Xelento remote is the follow-up to the AK T8ie, a collaboration product developed with Astell&Kern. The remote is universal which means there's no need to buy two different versions if you happen to own multiple devices. For me the T8ie was one of the most comfortable universal IEMs I've tried and I'm looking forward to seeing what beyerdynamic has done with the sound in the Xelento remote.
    PIC_CUSTOM-Game_16-11_details_v7_01.jpg    PIC_MMX300-facelift2016_16-11_details_v1_01.jpg
    Attention gamers! Beyerdynamic has announced not one but two new headphones with us square in the crosshairs. The CUSTOM GAME is an adjustable gaming headphone with a bass slider. There are three switch positions for quieter environments and one that completely closes the port, ideal for noisy environments such as LAN parties or tournaments. The CUSTOM line features interchangeable parts, so every gamer can personalize their own CUSTOM GAME if they want.
    For those of us who don't need an adjustable sound or customizable looks, the MMX 300 2nd Generation looks to be a solid improvement. Based on the original MMX 300, this new version comes with removable cables and an aviation-grade microphone making this a very rugged headphone that should be able to stand up to heavy use. With the upgraded mic and detachable cables it looks like beyerdynamic has addressed the biggest complaints from the original MMX 300.
    Both headphones are compatible with the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The CUSTOM GAME is expected to retail for 199 euros and the MMX 300 2nd Gen for 299 euros. I personally prefer the more subtle and understated design of the MMX 300 2nd Gen to the bold styling of the CUSTOM GAME but both look to have potential in the gaming space.
    Be sure to check out the official press releases for the Xelento remote, CUSTOM GAME and MMX 300 2nd Gen for more details.
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  2. Yethal
    Do we have any info on the differences between Custom GAME and regular Custom One Pro with Beyerdynamic Custom Headset Gear (aside from the fact the microphone on the Custom GAME seems to be permanently attached to the cable) ?
  3. AxelCloris Administrator
    The only details I have at the moment are what's included in the linked press releases. I'm just happy to see there's a re-worked MMX 300.
  4. akg fanboy
    The third attempt with the AK T8 iem.... good luck beyer
  5. foolsgold1986
    I just received the Beyerdynamic mmx300 (2nd generation). This is my first Beyerdynamic product thought I would give it a try. The build quality is fantastic. When I originally saw it in the picture I thought it is probably all plastic but they used premium parts. I did have an issue when I first started out. I tried to use it on my Xbox and there was a buzzing sound when I used the mic. it turns out the Xbox controller was defective. Kind of happy the controller was to blame. The Beyerdynamic was 280 dollars and it is easier to replace a 40 dollar controller. The new headset comes with two chords. One for systems and one for pc. I originally thought the chord was a twist but it was not. You just force it in.

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