Beyer pricing in Canada - does this make sense?
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Oct 18, 2008
Finally found a Beyer dealer in Canada, Long & McQuade.

The only higher end ones they stocked were the DT990 Pro and DT770 Pro. So, looking for an open phone, I tried the DT990 Pro. First listening, really nice detail, a little harsh on the high end, but not Grado like, but at moderate levels the bass overpowered the mids. After auditioning some Grado SR225s, went back to try the 990 Pros again. Preferred the 990 highs and mids, found the bass was even more boomy. The 990 PRO price was $225.

I read on this forum that the 880s were not as boomy, and that even the 990-2005s were a bit better. So I asked them if they can order in the other models.

The prices are:

DT990 Pro - $225
DT880 Pro - $350
DT990-2005 - $465
DT880-2005 - $415

Does this seem right to you? Even the sales rep thought there was a mistake, but after checking there wasn't.

After seeing the $225 tag, I wasn't willing to order the others at the differences stated, and opted instead to order a pair of AKG K601s for $270. Again, the pricing seemed out of whack for those compared to the Beyer pricing.

So a couple of questions...
1. Is there another dealer in Ontario I can call to see what's up with the pricing?

2. How much does the bass "tighten up" after burn-in for the 990 Pro? If the price for these are that good, maybe I should give them a shot.

No one carries the K601, so I haven't heard them yet. From what I've read here, I'm not sure I will like them as they sound like they may be sonically similar to an HD595 which I found to be not bad, but "subdued" like other Senns (which I don't like).

The problem with buying all these headphones is that it takes a while to burn-in and get the final sound. I think the Beyer sound is almost there for me, except for the boomy bass. Hate to buy the K601 when the 990 would have worked out if I gave it a longer audition.

Just for reference, I don't like Senns (too muddy), like Grado (too shrill for some music). Listen to all music except for country.

Btw, I did try to place an order with Amazon, but they won't ship Beyer's to Canada

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Dec 27, 2007
I went through a similar dilemma before opting for some Denon D2000s. Easy to find someone who ships to Canada on those. I'd try and sample those if you can. If your heart is set on the Beyers, then I'd scan ebay or wait for an Amazon seller who will ship international. Or, you could get a U.S. post office box!
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Nov 29, 2002
Those prices seem way too high, even at 85 cents on the US dollar.

If I were you, I'd do a Google search to learn more in terms of what the US prices are. The DT880, for example, is available on for US$188 (plus shipping, I'm sure). There has to be a way to buy them online and have them sent to a friend with a US address who can then forward them to you.

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