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Beyer Hybrids... ( DT531 drivers in DT770 premium enclosures )

  1. Paul Graham
    I love my old 531s but unfortunately my fiance knocked them off the shelf last year :frowning2:
    Anyway I was pondering on what to do when a DT770 premium with 770pro headband came along really cheap without drivers.
    Call me mad but I started to conceive my plan to make a hybrid that will later be recabled by Frank ( toxic cables ) in a balanced copper widow cable.

    Here's a few shots of me mock fitting and testing them for sound signature etc....




    They're a long way off being finished yet.
    Tonight I'll be soldering the drivers in to the headband cable and temp fitting them to the enclosures.
    I thought I might need to make some spacers between the backs of the drivers and the enclosures, However, I
    dont think I will now as they sound pretty nice as is.
    Bass extension is still there but a touch heavier without being boomy or loose, highs are a bit more pronounced now, Which I like and there
    is a more prominent midrange, Yet its not overkill, Which is good for me as I dont like too much midrange.
    So all in all They're more bass heavy now with a more detailed sound in the mids and highs. So Im happy so far :)

    Going from a open back to closed back enclosure they do sound slightly different as stated above, However, I think I like the new sound signature
    now, And once Frank's recabled them with a balanced copper widow I know they will sound epic!

    These are intended to be my big portable pair once they're finished as I wont want to use my T70's out and about once I get them!

    Thats all for now.....
  2. Paul Graham
    Forgive the crappy iPhone photo's please.
    I'll dig my Nikon out later and get some decent shots once they're soldered up.
  3. longbowbbs
    Nice project Paul!  Those ear pads look like they are all day comfortable.  
  4. Paul Graham
    Cheers mate! [​IMG]
    Yeh these are the original pads from the 531's. And you are right in thinking that, 
    I can wear these for a long time without them getting uncomfortable.
    The DT770 Pro headband does have a stronger clamping force than the old 531 one so I reckon
    the comfort time has gone down a little.
    But to give an idea, Ive been listening to these intermittently now for around 4 hours and still no discomfort.
    Also Ild like to note, The 531 drivers dont really give much fatigue so all is good in that respect.
    So far so good.
  5. longbowbbs
    Sweet! Looking forward to the Toxic rewire.
  6. Paul Graham
    Aye! Me too bud :)
    Haha I havent even got the Balanced White Widow here yet for my HD25's.....
    This one for the Beyer's will make three Recables from Frank :) Anyone would think I was a fan lol!!!
  7. longbowbbs
    I know, right?!
    I have three between the SP, the SW and the SP LOD....Great stuff....
  8. Paul Graham
    Well who can blame us? After all Frank makes EPIC cables does he not?!
    Looking forward to at least getting these soldered up and properly fitted ( Wedged into position ) tonight lol :)
  9. Toxic Cables
    Nice project man, would love to hear them if you send them over, although no guarantee's you would get them back. [​IMG]
    You considered making a cable for them yourself, can be a lot of fun and save you a packet. 
  10. Paul Graham
    Thanks dude! Its my first audio based project but we all got to start somewhere right?
    I wouldnt know where to start Frank on the most basic of audio cable, A balanced Copper headphone cable scares me lmao!!
    Or maybe you could make the cable, Then I solder it in once I receive it, That way its a team effort lol ???
    As for loaning them out, Once they're done with the recable, You can hold on to them on loan. Makes sense to do it that way! 
    After all you've done, And are doing for me, It would be the done thing to do :)
    Plus, If you're loaning out a Boomslang DB2 to me, I can hardly say no can I lol? :p
    Well for now I've got the original 531 cable soldered in properly and Ive utilized the left to right cable that goes up around the headband to keep it a single entrance affair...
    It's only temporary until we sort out a cable for them Frank :)
    Need to get some new foam inserts soon as the original 531 ones basically disintegrated in my hands, Vintage Cans are fun no?! 
  11. Toxic Cables
    That was a joke regarding the loan, meant if/when you sent them in for recable. [​IMG]
    The best option for you would be to have the cable made, then solder them on yourself, it saves you paying me to take them apart and solder the wires on for you.
  12. Paul Graham
    We'll see what Im like for budget when the time comes. How does that sound?
    Hope all's well your end anyway Frank?!
  13. Toxic Cables
    Other then all my orders being extremely delayed, all is good on this end.
  14. Paul Graham
    You'll get there mate! :) 
    Can you put a hold on further orders coming in??? 
    Give yourself a bit of lee way then?
  15. Paul Graham
    Got the new foam inserts today and fitted them, I'll get some pics up tomorrow.
    Ive also got some DT880 Pro earpads on the way now, Black velour with leather backs.

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