Beyer DT990 with Schiit Valhalla 2, anyone have this combo?
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Jun 13, 2015
Arvada, Colorado
I've done some more research and now I think a good pair of open headphones are the way to go for home use.  The Beyer DT990 seems available for around $200-220 and gets a lot of great reviews.  They come in 32, 250, and 600 ohms.  I emailed Schiit Audio about these phones and they recommend the 600 over the other impedances.  They said the Vali would be better with the 250 ohm than 600, but the Valhalla 2 would run the 600Ohm really well. 
I probably won't have the money for a while, but would the Beyer DT990/Valhalla 2 make the most of a $550 investment?  I've also read a lot of glowing reviews on the Valhalla 2 and I would like to try a tube amp.  This is also the only pure tube amp in the Schiit line, single ended triode, and all that good stuff.  For speakers, whoa, if you want a good SET amp, you're generally talking a lot more than $350 for that!  Again though, I've never listened to any type of tube amp before.
Before people start telling me to Schiit or get off the pot, I want to make up my mind.  I know I DO want a good set of headphones and a good amp if they need one.

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