Beyer DT880 / Darth Beyer vs Denon AHD-2000 / 5000
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Feb 22, 2005
I'm fairly new to all this, and not an audiophile by any means, but I'm looking to replace my RP21's with something more substantial now. The cable's starting to go, and I figure now is as good a time to upgrade as any.

I know this is like comparing apples to oranges, but can someone tell me which would be best suited?

I'm looking for something comfy, which is why I've shortlisted the Beyer's or the Denon's.

I also don't want something that overpowers with Bass, so I believe that rules out the Darth's?

Lastly being in the UK means that US prices for these don't translate at all.

I believe the DT880's are ~ £200, and the Darth's in a basic setting (Terminator V4) are coming to £360. Changing Cables/Wood will hit £400 plus.

The Denon 2000's seem to be ~ £200, with the 5000's at £400

The source would be the output from my PC at the moment.
I'd like to keep the cost below £350 ~ $700, as I'd still like to buy a nice desktop amp with a max price of about the same again, but could just about stomach a max or £450 on the phones, which is why the Darth's and the 5000's are still in it.

The fact that they are so much cheaper in the US makes this all the more annoying, as for a bit over the same price I'd be getting the next model up.
Unless there's a way to import and save against buying locally?
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Jun 22, 2001
The Darth V4 Terminators do NOT "overpower with bass" -- they sound most excellent overall, with well-balanced sound spectrum.
Plus, they look amazingly nice in person, and are built like tanks -- if you break a V4, it means you handled them very badly, instead of like the fine precison piece of audio gear that they are.

Why yes, I DO happen to like mine!
Can you tell?

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