Beyer DT770---80 OR 250?
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Oct 22, 2008
So, my Audio-GD Compass arrived today (yaaa!) and I'm finalizing my first set of headphones... I'm primarily using these for Gaming and Movie watching. Now, I've narrowed it down to the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm OR 250ohm. I'm not sure on which one to get, so opinions here would be great! Now, there are other options, so if you think that there are better headphones for Gaming, Movies, please, tell me! (and why) I don't care if they are opened or closed, and my budget is under $400 (if possible...) Huge bass is a must and a decent Soundstage. I think that any game is more immerse if you can hear the rumbling of explosions, deep sounds coming from a tank, ect. Hearing where enemy's are is also very important...
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Well... they're quite different.
I haven't heard the 80 version, but I did listen to the 250 one. And it's bass was a lot less pronounced/present than the DT 990 PRO hanging next to it.
If the DT770/80 has more bass then the DT990 you've got your answer.

What do you find most important during your gaming sessions? Immersion or accuracy?
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Immersion completely! I just feel involved with everybody around me and nothing beats the feeling of a bullet whizzing by your head! Any other suggestions? I think the 80 may be my answer...:beyer:
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Have you thought about getting the DT990 instead?

Somehow I think that it would be better for you.
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I suggest that you audition or borrow all three and pick the best one. Don't know the output specs on the compass, but it may not have enough current to power the 600 ohm version.

I'm running a set of 250 ohm DT770 Pro's out of my ancient Rega Ear amp. They are far more balanced than the blanket 'bass monster' reputation they accumulated.
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I've owned both versions. Although the 80 has more and copious amounts of bass, the 250 has a bit more treble energy, something that's good for listening to aural cues like footsteps; the 80 was a bit on the warmer side. A basic mod. of a recable also ups the music listening experience imo. I've owned a DIY-moded 250 and a Darth Beyer V2; I far preferred the 250. From what I recall, I felt the 250 had a better soundstage, but it's been a while since I had owned the 80.

By 250, I'm assuming you refer to the 2005 Consumer version and not the 250 Pro version?
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I have the DT770 Pro/250s and I must say that I found the bass, sound isolation and imaging quite suitable for gaming immersion. For movies, I usually turned down the bass as I found background music competing with the character dialogues.

From what I've been told, the 80ohm version has far more bass, which I couldn't imagine wanting after using the 250ohm.

After fooling around with my K601s (open headphones) to see how the increased sound stage might work out, I would without a doubt stick with Pro/250s for gaming.

Musically, I find they're much more inclined to slower bass heavy music such as blues, rock, death metal and the like.

If you absolutely want over-exaggerated bass, I'd say the 80ohm is best for you; if you want a bit more of bass/treble balance, then check out the 250ohm.

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