Beyer DT250-50 or Senn 497?
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Feb 1, 2002
How would you compare these two for listening to classical and acoustic music on a portable, without separate amp? I know the Beyer costs three times as much, but the Headroom descriptions sound equally enthusiastic. I usually figure you get what you pay for, but now I'm not sure. Thanks.
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I think you mean the 250-80. The Senn 497 is open and the 250-80 is closed -- that should be one of the first things you consider. Do you want isolation or care that others might hear sound leaking? If so, you should be looking at closed phones like the 250-80. If you don't need this, then consider open phones which many think sound better overall.
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Let's get back to his original question... Forget about whether people favor open over clesed or not. R10 vs HD600???

Well, it's a good question powerdog... Can a headphone costing 1/3 outperform it's closed counterpart?? I own the Beyer. It´s a very nice headphone which some prefer over even high level phones like the HD600. But for classical and acoustic music it seams a bit too dark and not dynamic enough for me. The 497 is great for its price, but i really really doubt it sounds better than the 250-80 in any way

OT: Jude, how about that search function allowing you to find people with specific equipment???
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I like the beyers for rock. I don't think they would be great for classical.. they have added bass and recessed highs..


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