beyer A1/ wooaudio Wa2
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Sep 26, 2012
Hello, i make this thread because i need some help.
I gonna buy the Beyer T1, and i'm now hesistating between two possibilities :
1st one : buy a second-hand Wa2 + beyer T1
2nd one: buy an unused T1 and an used beyer A1.
both possibilities are aprox. the same price, but i don't realy like to buy 2nd hand headphones. Cause of reliability , no waranty ect..
brief, my question is this one : is there a real differance between the Wa2 and A1 ( i know the Wa2 is a bit better with the T1 )
But is this differance between these two amps realy obvious or easily audible?
I thank you for help me.
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sorry for triple post :/
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that's not realy my question, i just want to know if there is a real differance between A1 and WA2, in duo with the T1.
btw thanks for information .cordially.

Well when I had the A1, I found it to be dry, harsh and analytical. Ironically it reminded me of the O2! It could have been my source too though, because I was using a DAC1 at the time. You can't go wrong with the synergy between WA2 and T1, I just don't like the price and cost of tubes, so I haven't picked up a WA2 yet :D.
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I used the A1 in my first audition with the T1; while solid state amps seem to have more "impact" to the sound, I find that the resultant sound isn't as refined as a tube amp such as the WA2.
I've been using the T1 and WA2 combo (with some tube rolling) for a few months now and I highly recommend it. 
One minor gripe I have with tube amps is that they don't really synergise well with pop/beats-laden music. Solid state excels in this area. (I use the amp-out on my NFB-12.1 sometimes.)

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