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Beta22 2-Channel Amplifier

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  1. Enthusia
    For Sale
    Please Read before PMing.
    I bought this off Abbadon a few months ago. It hasn't worked correctly since I received it. The right channel does not work, some screws are missing, and one of the led's do not work.  I'm sure someone who has experience building a b22 can fix this easily, but I have no idea what's wrong with this amp.
    Now you must be wondering why I don't just get a refund. First mistake. I sent it via Paypal Gift. Now to the ethical problem. Well the Abbadon is not going to give me a refund and he blames USPS for handling this too roughly, but funny enough he didn't even buy insurance when he shipped it. The moderators have already been informed, but they can't make him give me the money.
    I will set the price very low at 500 dollars CONUS shipped. I bought this for 700 dollars, so I am taking a 200 dollar loss right off the bat and that's not including shipping costs. This has just been a headache for me and I wish to see it gone. I hope I did not sound too angry while you were reading this. If you need anymore information. Please feel free to ask. Also If you do have a lot of experience with building beta 22's and you would like to help me out. That would be great too.
  2. aurabullet
    What I don't understand is, if you bought it like that why don't you return it?
  3. Enthusia
    That would be great, if only the person I bought it off would refund my money. Don't worry moderators have already been contacted. Nothing much they can do either.
  4. aurabullet
    Report paypal?
  5. Twinster
    Does the casing has any damaged?  Are you able to solder?  You can try to find the location of the loose wires by following the plan on the AMB site.
  6. petervenkman
    This Abbadon guy is completely ridiculous.
    So, you go out of your way by sending him the payment as a gift so that he may avoid the fees..then he ships the amp with no insurance to again save himself yet even more money..the amp arrives damaged which very well probably resulted from his packing job..and he refuses to give you a refund? 
  7. grawk
    Why don't you leave him negative trader feedback?
  8. bcg27
    It's too bad you are in Mass., I wouldn't mind fixing this for you. Have you tried getting in touch with any local DIYers to see if they can help you out?
  9. Frank I


    For what? Buyer should went by the rules and regulations and this would been refunded
  10. Pars Contributor

    To get his money back? Yeah, in an ideal world, the rules and regulations (whatever those are here) would be enough. Paypal almost always sides with the buyer... unfortunately, they limit things to 45 days, and apparently the payment was sent as a gift, so probably no go there on a refund, even if it was within the time limit.
    I don't see any damage to the case. The remaining lead on the yellow cap doesn't look like it had been soldered. I would guess this would be pretty easy to repair, and is a hell of a deal at the listed price. Someone should go for it :)
    I would be willing to fix the amp at no charge (other than any parts required) if the OP wanted to pay shipping both ways... hopefully someone closer could do this however.
  11. Frank I


    Exactly. Paypal got cheated of their fee now you want them to guarantee the sale. LMAO once you dont pay paypal will not back you up at all thats why its smart to pay the fees after all we do use the service is that asking too much. If the seller wont pay then buyer should or pass on the sale.
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