best way to RUIN electronic equipment?
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Feb 11, 2005
Hi everyone!
yeah, i know it's a weird question. im in a pretty weird situation. My parent's neighboors have purchased the MOST atrocious device I have ever heard. It is a little electronic device that emits a horrible noise that is supposed to repel incects and small animals and such. they have it in their backyard, blasting, and it is so loud that i can hear it throughout the whole yard, and even indoors, on the opposite side of the house to their's. And it is not a pleasent sound, it repels humans too!
being farily concious of sounds, the noise drives me nuts. it sounds like a robotic cricket that is low on batteries and calling for help.

the house is in palo alto, where there are few mosquitos, and nothing else vicious at all. it is a residential neighboorhood, and it is so rude not only to subject all the neighboors to it, but what if someone had a dog? i can only imagine what that sound would be like to an animal with good hearing.

On top of all that, the occupants of the house are these grouchy old couple who have been scouling at my parents for the past 20 years, and they never go outside, so i don't even see the need.

anyways, I need it gone. If I talked to them, they would just tell me to screw off, and then they would know it was me when the thing stopped working. I climbed over the fence and grabbed the device, boiled it in water for about 30 minutes, and returned it to the same location, and it didnt work for a couple days, but its on again with a vengence.

Any ideas? I was going to just take it, or sledge hammer it, but i don't like stealing, and furthermore, i don't want them to know it was me, cause im thinking they might just get another one- which will have to be erradicated too.

Im wondering if there is something i can pour on it that would fry everything inside? I figured you guys might have fun with this one
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All in good fun, I'm sure...but let's not go here, K?

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