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Best way to cut out that IEC jack

  1. Mazuki
    So I've always drilled a couple of holes and then used a file to make the square. But this is really time consuming, not to mention the extreme cacophony associated with the filing. Anyone know of a better method of cutting out the square without going to a machine shop or resort to buying really expensive tools?
  2. Clutz
    Dremel tool with a cutting disk perhaps?
  3. Nebby Contributor
    I've used a dremel with the reinforced cutoff wheels. Probably not the best way to do it, but I don't know any better [​IMG] I'd be interested in how everyone else does it too.
  4. DolbyR
    1st with drill in the corners of the IEC hole, then roughly with dremel (i use the non-reinforced, reddish smaller diameter discs) and then the rest with a file.
    Btw, there was a thread about this a week or 2 ago, probably on the 2nd or 3rd page now. Something about cutting 4mm faceplate.
  5. beerguy0
    Metal nibbling tool, depending on the thickness of the metal. Drill a hole to start, nibble it out, clean up with file.
  6. Mazuki
    Nice, both that dremel idea and nibbler sound great. Next time I have to wrestled out a square jack, I'll try both methods, probably the dremel first since I have one...
  7. randytsuch
    I use the drill and nibbler method too. Nibblers are cheap, around $10. I have a dremmel, but it really did not help much. My only problem is I am not patient enough, and end up taking too much off, so it is not perfect. I should try a file to finish, would probably come out better.

  8. fierce_freak
    I use a dremel to cut out a rough outline a bit smaller than the IEC, then use files to bring it the rest of the way.
  9. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Drill a starter hole and use a coping saw to cut it out. Still needs cleaning up with a file, but it goes a lot faster.

    I picked up a scrollsaw last Saturday; haven't used it yet, but am planning to cut IEC jack holes with it on two upcoming projects.
  10. rl5555
    I usually start with Dremel cutoff wheel to make big enough cut to stick in metal cutting hand saw, clean off with files.
  11. naamanf
    If you want to make perfect IEC holes a router (besides the obvious CNC milling machine) would be the way to go using a template and a flush trim bit.
  12. MisterX Contributor
    How about Greenlee part # 60031?

    Gonna take a lot of holes to justify the price though. [​IMG]
  13. Mazuki

    If you want to make perfect IEC holes a router (besides the obvious CNC milling machine) would be the way to go using a template and a flush trim bit.

    Can router bits work on steel/aluminium?

    On a separate note, what about counter-boring. A forstner will work for wood, but what's the equivalent for metalwork? if there is one...

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