Best WAV to FLAC converter?
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Nov 3, 2009
Just placed my order of the Fiio M11 Pro but need to convert my WAV to FLAC.
1) what do you suggest
2) are there different bit rate/compression options with FLAC?
3) ideal settings in that program for conversion?

Thank you
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1) Audacity
2) Bitrate no, compression yes. Compression just makes the files slightly smaller but they take longer to encode. There is no quality difference between compression levels. FLAC is lossless.
3) Highest compression and 16 bit bit depth.
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Thank you
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I don't know much about the Windows options but in Linux or UNIX, command line ffmpeg is great and it is scriptable and it works with most formats (maybe not DSD/DSF though). Once I had to convert few hundred .ape to .flac and I was able to do it no problem with ffmpeg.

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