Best vintage Marantz receivers?

  1. estreeter
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  2. Zooski
    The headphone out is incredible!
  3. nofacemonster
    This is the first audio gear which came in to my possession of this class. Before that i was listening to music on headphones and mobile phones as well as Sharp Boombox GX-M10. I think the Marantz i have sounds pretty warm and very nice to listen to. unfortunately the receiver didn't had the remote but can be operated with front panel without much issues. These two sounds great together. i amt thinking of adding a cheapo tube preamp as an experiment to see how things will turn up.

    Also i have no idea which era this setup belongs to.

    Receiver - Marantz SR-73
    Speakers - Marantz LS850 (tower speakers)


  4. sloanb
    I own a 1060 and can't begin to tell you how much I love this amp. I have several other modern Marantz integrated amps and AV receivers and prefer the 1060 for stereo music by a long shot. The phono stage on these vintage Marantz amps are top notch as long as you provide them with plenty of clean power. If you do end up picking one up I highly recommend also picking up a power conditioner as well. You need not to spend thousands of dollars on one either. An affordable Furman M-8DX works wonders for a very affordable price point.

    The headphone section on these amps are extremely impressive as well if you are thinking about using it as a headphone amp. The bad part of owning one is that you become an addict and find it hard to listen on anything else.
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