Best vintage Marantz receivers?

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  1. DickxLaurent
    I'm looking to get a vintage Marantz receiver. Thus far I've read (in another forum) that any 22xx models are well regarded. Does anyone have anything to add to that, or possibly disagree with that?

    What are the most recommended, or respected, models for amp quality, all vintage models considered?

  2. tator
    Well I don't really have a lot of experience with amps/receivers, but I just nabbed a 2270 from a guy locally. Paid less than $200 compared to the $300-400 they can go for on eBay. All the things that are said about this thing are true. It sounds amazing. I hooked it up to some small B&W bookshelf speakers, and got goosebumps as I listened to all my favorite CD's. The loudest I can stand is at about 12 o'clock, so it puts out a ton of juice. You could pick up a 2230 on eBay for far less, which as I understand, is basically the same as the 2270 but less power, but should still be plenty for all but the biggest speakers. Buy one, you will not regret it.
  3. jwilldermood
    I have a 1090 integrated amp that has a very nice sounding headphone out. It also runs my JBL S38IIs nicely. The 1060 is also a highly regarded integrated. I am sure the receivers from the same era are comparable.
  4. kimragone
    I have had 5 or 6 Marantz receivers over the years and the one to beat is the 2385. That is an amazing amp with lots of power and clean sound.
  5. Grey Massacre
    Hello kimragone,

    I agree with everyone, I might also add that headphone out is exceptional! I recently acquired a mint one and I love it! The nice warm Marantz sound!

  6. fetus
    I picked up a 2238B many months back on ebay for about $115 shipped. The receiver was in nearly perfect condition, well above what the seller described it to be. Needless to say the Marantz has been powering my paradigm atom bookshelf speakers to put out blissful sound waves caressing my inner ears. I couldn't wish for anything more.
    My Atom speakers have a max rating of 50 watts and my marantz only puts out 38w. If I turn the nob past the 11 o'clock position, its only fun to listen to it if I have downed a couple beers and get real into the volume of the music. Unless your speakers are very power hungry, I would not think you would need any more power.
  7. tbonner1
    Read MACDEF's posts about the Marantz recievers. All 22XX's are not created equal.

    The 2230 is highly regarded as a speaker amp, has a good phono section and preamp, but the tuner is weak. Make sure you budget money to have the unit checked out as even minty units I have had can have dried out 30 year old caps or cold solder joints.
  8. Gliding Dutchman
    I have used a stock Marantz 2220B receiver for a while and I must say that it is a very nice piece of vintage gear. Good overall musical tone whilst using both speakers and headphones. Used with both CD and external phono-stage.

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  9. Sovkiller
    I have the PM7200 new model, from them, and i strongly reco it, instead of going back in time...after owning several vintage amps, some Pioneer, Sansui, Technics, Marantz, me that the old integrates are not any better than the good modern ones. The level of refinement that you can get nowadays on this new models from them, and from other respected brands, will never be achieved by those vintage receivers, some of them and mainly all of them are not even Class-A...that is another myth to debunk...the only thing that would be different is the price, if you can get one for a good price...
    Also keep in mind that if you get one of those, by now, the filters will be dead or about to die, so you may need to upgrade and repair the PSU and mainly all internal caps, let alone some lamps, pots, switches, etc...
    Even the heapdhone jack on my 7200 is completelly quiet, very good, the phono stage is decent, and integrated (no need ot go external) unfortunatelly it was discontinued last year, so if you can grab one, hurry up!!!
  10. uofmtiger
    I have only heard the 2220B, which I own. As was mentioned, it has a very warm sound that many will find appealing. The headphone section has a similar sound and is especially pleasant with vocal and acoustic oriented music.

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  11. david87
    does anyone know how to fix the broken blue leds ? i have a marantz 1150 integrated
  12. Dept_of_Alchemy
    I have a 2238 which has a nice and slightly warm headphone out. It's comparable to an entry-level portable amp in my opinion.
  13. headphonejunkie
    One thing nice about these receivers is they do not use op amps. I believe the 2235b has a totally discrete component(transistors) main amp which is where the headphone out comes off of too.That should make them great for grados too since they can probably supply a lot more current than an op amp could.If only I had one. I do have a 2235b manual(from the internet) though which shows the schematic.
  14. serpico
    I found a model 1090 locally but not sure if I should buy it since I don't know what a fair price is for these.
  15. rom1
    I suggest you the 22XX' models.  I had a 2215 bought few years ago and I just bought a vintage marantz amp 2230 and totally recommend this model.
    They are all good and not expensive. I found mine on this website, quiet interesting for thoses who are looking for vintage marantz receivers.
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