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BEST VALUE ''around 100-300$'' CHIFI & NEWCOMERS IEM with REFERENCE List (no BIG brands here)

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  1. NymPHONOmaniac
    Okay, i'm a DIE HARD fan of Final Audio Design. Once the sound tuning go under your skin (eardrum to be more specific) you can became addicted and never wanna go back to over coloured sounding iem. Soften up clarity that do not feel bass anemic, too bright or unbalanced: were into maestro tuning with E serie. Good amping help them come even more alive.
    I just review them here, as well as on headfi.

    A keeper, and long listening session partner.
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  2. wind016
    Is the Kanas Pro actually better? From some head-fiers reviews, it sounds like the Ikko has better treble and Kanas as better bass.

  3. DynamicEars
    Ikko OH1 is brighter tonality while Kanas Pro is warmer, there are more sparkling on Ikko OH1 and lower highs that can be intense for longer session. @IryxBRO have detailed comparison on his Kanas Pro review, technically also Kanas Pro a bit better. Kanas Pro bass is really good, not the best I've ever heard but really good.
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  4. NymPHONOmaniac
    I have the IKKO OH1, they are very good, but not very sparkly, the lower bass is very well rendered, with lot of weight and focus, good separation and no bloating. SOundstage is quite impressive too. Mids are the ''chinese style'' and its where the brightness come from, especially in upper, but less so than lot of other trebly iem I try. Treble have some push in mid section but do not feel very foward. Fpcus is on Bass and mids here I think. Plus extra micro details.
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  5. warriorpoet
    +1 on the Oxygens. Incredibly dynamic, perfect bass, lots of detail and YUGE soundstage.
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  6. Dcipar81
    Hey there, FWIW I tried the ikko OH1 in a search for an alternative to my ibasso it01. The it01 are great for the money, but fairly Vshaped, especially depending on tips used. Also, going from something with BA drivers back to the it01 made it's coloration of vocals more obvious. That being said, I still sent the OH1 back. I auditioned :
    Simgot en700 pro
    Simgot em 1
    Simgot em 2
    Bvgp DMG
    ikko OH1
    kz zs7
    CCA C10
    HIFI f30
    BQEYZ kc2

    And I already have the ibasso it01, fiio f9pro, 1more triple, 1more dual, think sound rain03, final es3000, mee m6pro.
    Lots of budget options here. My go to were ibasso and 1more but I was craving a change and wanted something with the crispness of BA drivers. Picked up the DMG first. Muddy, mid bass bloated mess to my ears. I had to use the vocal filters, and vocal enhancing tips to get any sort of clarity out of them. Next I tried the ikko and the simgot em2. Really liked both of them for different reasons which if anybody is interested I can get into at a later time.
    LSS, I settled on the CCA c10. Least colored, most natural while still have some bass heft and weight to the notes. Fast and agile midrange without that tin or glassy sound (or not as bad as some anyways, still not on the level or oppo pm3 over ear or akg k7xx, but closer than the other auditioned)
    If you want a more detailed review of any just let me know and I can let you know what about each of those turned me awY

    Edit: I realize the 1more and fiio f9 both are hybrid designs, that's what opened my world to BA drivers. 1more is still veiled sounding, like sennheisers tend to be, and the fiio f9 is just so darn pesky in that 6-9khz range. I wanted something with the airiness of f9 without the peaks and the weight of the 1more without the veil.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  7. NymPHONOmaniac
    Thanks man, lot of great iem choice here: impressive!

    I finally have the OH1 and think like you, they have this V shape with extra sub bass plus fowards mids and upper treble roll off, its like it should sound smooth but doesnt exactly and choose a more energic way with great attack in every region, wich is impressive, bass is really delicious sometime, like synth bass line can sound very weighty and resolved. I think they deserve to be in this list as they are less congested sounding than DMG, but DMG is really tips and filter dependant, I need to try with another filter because headfier tell it open up the sound. DMG are more detailed IMO but layers can mixup badly sometime.

    I'm really curious to have more impressions of your Simgot EM2 compared to OH1and En700pro, they surely deserve being in the list at such a budget price...but who know?

    And for CCA c10...well, its more the C16 that can be interesting here...(C10 are VERY well hyped in other threads hehe, and I have one on the way too!)
  8. NymPHONOmaniac
    But, let's admit it: The IKKO OH1 are DAMN SEXY!!
    P3060960.JPG P3060917.JPG P3060957.JPG P3040877.JPG
  9. Dcipar81
    Oh yes, the aesthetics, the fit and comfort are superb. I even like the sound, I just didn't feel it deviated enough from the it01 to justify keeping it. I think it would be on a short list of recommendations in the 100 - 200 dollar range. If it sold for 100 even, like the it01 and 1more I think it would be a great competitor.
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  10. NymPHONOmaniac
    So you would say it sound very similar to IT01???

    Ask this because IT01 is on my buy list since lotta time...

    A great contender in sub 150$ price range is the new ALPHA & DELTA KS3. Well balanced and very lively sound, treble is revealing without any artificial sharpness, very impress by this little 6mm dynamic driver hide in the magnificent shell.
    P3050888.JPG P3050890.JPG
  11. Dcipar81
    They were close enough to me. I think the OH1 was slightly clearer in the mids and vocal reproduction, probably the BA drivers, but the it01 really isn't bad and similarly V shaped.
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  12. NymPHONOmaniac
    Nice, well, not sure I need to buy IT01 then...still, im far from having find my perfect exceptional sound 100-300$ iem....perhaps I will go with higher Final Audio models....because in this price range I want something that do great with all music style, not a V shape, but with tigh realistic punchy bass, very present and well separated mids, and accurate treble that neither feel to sharp or relaxed....hum. E4000 are near this type of perfection but I would like more airy sound and more highs sparkle.
  13. DynamicEars
    looks like you want CA andromeda :anguished:
  14. Dcipar81
    Yeah I'm not sure it would be worth it, but like I had said, they were for a long time my go to recommendation. I have been listening to the Simgot EM2 a lot lately (along with the cca c10 and c16). I would recommend, especially if you have amazon prime, ordering a kz zs7 and and cca c10. They are both only about 40 and I feel they're pretty worth the money as an every day beat up set. The c10 has a very natural timbre and pretty great mid clarity. Vocals sound correct and are well placed. The zs7 might have an ever so *slight* unnatural tone, but its speed and clarity are great. Also has a stronger bass. I would call the zs7 a W shaped in that it has an lifted bass, but only in the sense that it sounds real and in front of you, strong and forward mids with a little sparkle up top. For $40 and free returns I would say gove it a try.
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  15. Dcipar81
    Personally I'm interested in the dm6, but they're impossible to find.
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