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  1. myemaildw
    Hi I am looking for best tips. so far I've got lots of tips and I'm looking for more different ones to buy because of a few things. not all tips work on all iems, and even if I get them to work or get a seal it might be either uncomfortable and you would want to look for a more comfortable tips, and some tips even get a seal sound weird than with others. others might sound better, bass could be better, etc
    I triedaking my own tips but it doesn't seem to work. so I'm looking for more tips to buy so I would have a variety of different tips to use on different iems and just to use and see if they make sound better or for better, better comfort and better bass.
    I know it's a silly question I could just buy different tips I like. but may be there are certain tips that work better than others? right now I want to buy wear one long flange pack as i think long flange would be comfortable. etc. may be a silly question but I haven't seen a single thread with this specific topic. so best tips are.
    also I don't seem to get a good isolation with foam tips. and also they don't last long.
    so best iems are?
  2. maxjstern
    Another, expensive option, is to go the custom sleeve route. It is a good compromise between the two IEM realms custom and universal. You have custom fit(comfort and seal) and isolation and the usual resell value that comes with universals.
    A (general and trusted) recommendation are the silicone(better isolation and more comfortable than acryl) custom sleeves from ACS, there is a dedicated thread about them:
  3. SomeWiseGuy
  4. maxjstern
    There are heard to get outside Asia, aren´t they?
    Nonetheless they are said to be extremely good.
  5. SomeWiseGuy

    No, not really.
    Apparently, eBay has them.
    EarWerkz in the US sells them too: http://www.earwerkz.com/accessories/
    Treoo in Singapore also sells them and ships internationally: http://store.treoo.com/brands/spinfit/
  6. maxjstern
    Oh, didn´t know that. Thanks for your information! I will look them up.
  7. Gilly87
    Second for Spinfit Tips. They are really nice, a bigger improvement over regular tips than I dared expect in terms of fit security and comfort, and we all know a better seal means better sound.
  8. pikachuchu
    For a long time I have been confused as to where to find SpinFit. Because there were a lot of websites and emails floating around. www.spinfit-eartip.com was closed down cuz apparently Jaben is no longer an authorized seller of their product. I was finally able to reach SpinFit at their email service@spinfit.info, and asked them where I could get authentic SpinFit and reach them most effectively. So here you go:

    Facebook: SpinFit Eartip
    Official Amazon Store: www.amazon.com/shops/Spinfit-Eartip
    Official Website: www.spinfiteartip.com

    Hopefully this could help anyone who were just as confused as I was.

    They also said they accept international orders and provide free shipping to anywhere in the world. Just shoot them a message on facebook, they're pretty helpful with their answers.
  9. handwander
    That's quite the thread bump lol.

    Wonder if this will get replies now. Let's see what the 2018 recommendations are...
  10. nahcevad
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  11. handwander
    Is that so? I've seen a lot of people buy those Acoustunes lately and I was interested in some final tips but I've been settling for Spinfits solely for their fit.
  12. nahcevad
    Both Spiral Dot and Final offer five different sizes. And JVC's material is so soft that you should be able to find a good fit and perfect seal. Not to mention the wide soundstage it is giving. I have been trying it with my Sony EX1000, UM Maverick+, Magaosi K3 pro and Kinera Seed and it fits all.

    But I agree comfort is most important after all. This is why I gave up my mandarin tips because I couldn't get a good seal with M size, and L size is simply too big for normal human being.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018

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