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Jun 10, 2014
Hi I am looking for best tips. so far I've got lots of tips and I'm looking for more different ones to buy because of a few things. not all tips work on all iems, and even if I get them to work or get a seal it might be either uncomfortable and you would want to look for a more comfortable tips, and some tips even get a seal sound weird than with others. others might sound better, bass could be better, etc
I triedaking my own tips but it doesn't seem to work. so I'm looking for more tips to buy so I would have a variety of different tips to use on different iems and just to use and see if they make sound better or for better, better comfort and better bass.
I know it's a silly question I could just buy different tips I like. but may be there are certain tips that work better than others? right now I want to buy wear one long flange pack as i think long flange would be comfortable. etc. may be a silly question but I haven't seen a single thread with this specific topic. so best tips are.
also I don't seem to get a good isolation with foam tips. and also they don't last long.
so best iems are?
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Another, expensive option, is to go the custom sleeve route. It is a good compromise between the two IEM realms custom and universal. You have custom fit(comfort and seal) and isolation and the usual resell value that comes with universals.
A (general and trusted) recommendation are the silicone(better isolation and more comfortable than acryl) custom sleeves from ACS, there is a dedicated thread about them:
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  There are heard to get outside Asia, aren´t they?
Nonetheless they are said to be extremely good.

No, not really.
Apparently, eBay has them.
EarWerkz in the US sells them too:
Treoo in Singapore also sells them and ships internationally:
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For a long time I have been confused as to where to find SpinFit. Because there were a lot of websites and emails floating around. was closed down cuz apparently Jaben is no longer an authorized seller of their product. I was finally able to reach SpinFit at their email, and asked them where I could get authentic SpinFit and reach them most effectively. So here you go:

Facebook: SpinFit Eartip
Official Amazon Store:
Official Website:

Hopefully this could help anyone who were just as confused as I was.

They also said they accept international orders and provide free shipping to anywhere in the world. Just shoot them a message on facebook, they're pretty helpful with their answers.
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I've been settling for Spinfits solely for their fit.

Both Spiral Dot and Final offer five different sizes. And JVC's material is so soft that you should be able to find a good fit and perfect seal. Not to mention the wide soundstage it is giving. I have been trying it with my Sony EX1000, UM Maverick+, Magaosi K3 pro and Kinera Seed and it fits all.

But I agree comfort is most important after all. This is why I gave up my mandarin tips because I couldn't get a good seal with M size, and L size is simply too big for normal human being.
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Hi Guys, just got some Campfire Audio Comet IEM and they came with a selection of FInal Type E tips which I am impressed with. question is the tips have two core covers, grey and brown. The brown seeming to have a more neutral bass. Any thoughts on this?

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