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Best tips for air travel (UM2, CK10, Senn IE6)? Or buy er6i?

  1. tkalee
    Hi,  I'm going to be taking a long haul flight in a couple of months and want to make sure I've got good isolation on my chosen IEM.  At the moment I'm using UM2 and IE6 with stock tips, and getting a CK10 in the post in the next few weeks.
    For the best isolation, should I buy an er6i?  I'm reluctant to do that since the sound signature will be similar to the CK10 that's in the post.  I'd rather buy some new tips. 
    What do you recommend?  Buying new tips (if so, which ones?), or going the whole hog and buying the damn ety.
  2. shane55
    The difference between the IEM's will not be as great as the difference between tips.
    Nothing isolates as well as the Comply P-series. The Shure olives are a close second, but the P-series is longer and makes a better seal. Yes, this is my experience, but others have agreed with this. T-100 series will also work well if your ear canals are shallow.
    I use the Comply P-series (overhang trimmed flat to the plastic core) on my UM2's and I also do on my DBA-02.
    Multiple flange tips will not isolate nearly as well, and any differences between IEM's will be lost.
    Also, I think you'll appreciate the foam for long flights. I have flown with them up to 12 hours straight (with occasional removal) and have had nothing but comfort and peace.

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