Best sub-bass IEM?
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Now that there have been quite a few IEMs to hit the market in the past couple years.. I'm curious as to what IEM has the best SUB-BASS without sacrificing transparency and overall sound quality.

Personally, I found the IE8 to have the best I've heard. However, I found the lack of transparency distracting. There are still quite a few <$200 IEMs that I haven't heard.

I've read JVC FX500 are contenders, and am carefully considering checking them out if I can find a good deal.

I'm also wondering how the IE7 stack up compared to IE8 in terms of sub-bass extension and impact.

Any others?
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Get the IE 8 ! Im also a hardcore subwoofer bass head. Personally I suggest only 2 IEM ! 1 The power of one Atrios or The Sennheiser IE8. U nv get wrong with this 2. I Guarantee it
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Personally, I found the IE8 to have the best I've heard.


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Get the IE 8 !

Umm, reading isn't your thing, is it?

I remember the V-moda vibes being very bass heavy. The Klipsch Image X10 have very good bass, I am going through some growing pains with them, getting used to their low end guts. I figured by upping the EQ levels in the high ends really gives them a more forward sound, and not so bass powered.
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I had the X10 for a while... the bass was great at first, but I started noticing very slight distortion that really started to bother me after a while. I also found the sound signature to be a bit fatiguing for some of my music.

I'm trying out the JVC FX500... I'll see how they fare.

Who knows.. maybe I'll end up getting the IE8 again. I've seen a couple people now that have got them, sold them, bought them again and liked them more the 2nd time around.
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Why do people presume when something has bass, it's bass heavy? For example in a home theatre with a high end subwoofer you can either ramp up volume to maximum, resulting in so much bass- which is obviously wrong way. Or reducing it so it's calibrated to the mains, but you still have bass down to 10hz.

You don't just have satellite speakers with no subwoofer.

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