BEST Sub-100$ CHINESE EARPHONES - Hidden Gems, Best deals and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Quequacio96
    thank you

    The choice here is very difficult. I am very curious about the configuration of zs6 2 drivers +2 balanced armatures. Do you use original cables and grommets?
  2. HungryPanda
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  3. Otto Motor
    B100 have a new generation of balanced armature driver. Some say, they sound way more expensive than they are. I like their fluidity and coherence. And they fit well and work well with my iPhone 5S or any old iPod. Quanto costa in Italia?
    Yes, I cited the Kopfhoerer lounge on that one.
  4. Otto Motor
    Ok, I give you that. Interesting to read detailed reviews on both by the same person.
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  5. Otto Motor
    Here you super Canadians...just warming up after delivery. A Canadian product that has almost no reviews. Its big brother, the HP50 are fantastic and probably the best headphones I have used with a portable device without amping. CDN $99.

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  6. Otto Motor
    Same here. The brightness may be a perceived artefact from the lack of an unnaturally strong bass.
  7. Otto Motor
    Apparently, the build of the B100 is very good. Err...why would you want them to be bigger?
  8. Slater
    When did you originally order them?

    Perhaps you received the fake ones? Gearbest had a lot of counterfeit Pro HD (unknown to them) recently.

    There are details here, and you can identify if you have the genuine of counterfeit one too.
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  9. Slater
    So, like, $3usd? haha
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  10. Quequacio96
    [QUOTE = "Otto Motor, post: 13951985, membro: 462617"] B100 ha una nuova generazione di driver di armatura bilanciato. Alcuni dicono, suonano molto più costosi di loro. Mi piace la loro fluidità e coerenza. E si adattano bene e funzionano bene con il mio iPhone 5S o qualsiasi vecchio iPod. Quanto costa in Italia?

    Sì, ho citato la lounge Kopfhoerer su quella. [/ QUOTE]

    44 €
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  11. Otto Motor
    That's ok!
  12. ivo001
    Sometimes I wonder if you keep a massive spreadsheet of every useful research ever posted in ant Head-fi thread :xf_eek:
    Or you are very good and patient with the search function.
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  13. snip3r77
    Does IT01 walk all over T2?
  14. HungryPanda
    I don't want them too be bigger, their design is very good and comfortable. I just cannot see me stuffing them in a pocket and last long, I feel I could kick the ZS6 around :)
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  15. Nymphonomaniac
    So I finally review my Yinyoo TANK, if your curious about a good construct and good sounding earbuds check it out.
    For my ears, I think they really are my favorite ALL-AROUNDER earbuds....comfort is important too and an earbuds that NEVER fall of your ears is very precious hehe
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