BEST Sub-100$ CHINESE EARPHONES - Hidden Gems, Best deals and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. toddy0191
    +1 on the b100s. Received them yesterday (at the same time as the zs6) and they're fantastic. At first I thought they were incredibly congested and lacking in treble but soon realised I had them inserted too deeply. When I pulled them out a bit they sound amazing.

    What tips are people using on their b100s?

    I used to be super sensitive to treble but really enjoy the prominent treble in the zs6 for some reason and find it more sparkly than harsh. Completely different signature to the b100s but love them too. The bass is fantastic imo.

    Just to throw another earphone into the mix, the tennmak cello is pretty balanced with lovely mids with good sub bass. Listened to them again for the first time in a while and had forgotten how good they are.
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  2. rodel808
    I concur about T2 being mellow. To me they sound close to neutral. Perhaps people commenting about good sub-bass extension modded theirs by covering the port located at the base of the nozzle.
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  3. chickenmoon
    Treble spike is what struck me when I listened to them initially. Perhaps it's by contrast with the Svara Red which I tried at the same time and which I liked much more. Then I got the IT01 and haven't gone back to either of them so far. Perhaps I should give them another listen to see if I still feel/hear the same.
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  4. Quequacio96
    Thanks for telling your experience :) I'm also oriented on these, (I can not find the T2 here) I only have some doubts using it with the smartphone can you tell me something about it?
  5. Pete7874
    Compared to IT01, I can concur that TinAudio T2 has more treble, but not to the point where it's bothersome, IME.
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  6. doppelg
    Hi there, this is my first post on head-fi!

    So i ordered the xiaomi Pro HD from Gearbest in the hopes of a good budget earphone. Well it came in after a month and the left ear was not even close to as loud as the right (I did the testing, changed ears etc.) so i think its defective.
    They offered a partial refund and i could keep the earphones and i just did that. Because i really wanted the xiaomi I went ahead and ordered from a closer store which ships in 2 days so i don't have to wait a whole month to get my hands on it (for a bit pricier ofc). And for my surprise it was defective again with the exact same problem (no, i did not change them up, its not the same one). So for me all hope is lost.
    Can you guys recommend me something not so defective as this one? I had high hopes for this one but could not deliver (Not that high, just some half good quality stuff so i could use it while i commute).
  7. ivo001
  8. groucho69
    And still there are those that prefer the ZS6 over all those. Ears are a mystery.
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  9. Vin$ent
    That's how my fakes were. You should look inside the nozzle, does it have a metal grill, do you see the BA?
  10. DBaldock9
    Just out of curiosity, what source are you using, to test the earphones?
    Do other earphones sound good, and balanced, with the same source?

    One set of earphones, with Mic & Volume Controls (for Android), that sounds good, and costs about the same, is the HLSX Magaosi MGS-BK50 -
    Their controls will also Play / Pause / Fwd / Rew for the Cayin N3 DAP.
  11. HungryPanda
    I bought the B100's after all the hype and admit they are really quite good but plastic, small and I don't think they will last very long. The KZ Zs6's are metal and well built and I actually prefer the sound signature as it is more "lively".
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  12. toddy0191
    They are easy to drive with a smartphone and don't really benefit from using an amp.
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  13. Quequacio96
    thank you
    I also think that the zs6 are more solid and the cable is replaceable. As for the soundstage, and the average frequencies could you make a comparison between the 2?
  14. doppelg
    The source is a Oneplus 3T, a laptop and my PC. Laptop and PC tried to make it work with some kind of windows magic to balance the sound on each side but it was still noticeable. I had a Pioneer SE-CL711 which i had for more than a year and it sounded quite good for me. Others i don't remember, some cheap stuff i could buy locally.
  15. HungryPanda
    Well I just listened to Pink Floyd's track "Sheep" on both B100 and ZS6 and imo the ZS6 walked all over the B100. Wider soundstage and with much more energy, more impactful bass.

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