BEST Sub-100$ CHINESE EARPHONES - Hidden Gems, Best deals and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Otto Motor
    But for CDN $44, you get decent earphones with the B100.
  2. vector84
    Personally I'd call the ZS5v1 U-shaped... But if you're going to make claims like that, you should at least back them up... so let's have a bit of fun:

    ER-4S Harman target compensated (source):

    And here's a rough one of the ZS5v1:

    PS: Those are from different standards compliant couplers, so data past 10kHz shouldn't be considered relevant.

    Also the ER-4S is targeted to diffuse field neutral, not Harman target neutral, and it hits its target very precisely (ref).
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  3. Otto Motor
    Heyhey, I use the Koss KSC75 under my toque: warms the ears in the Canadian winter.
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  4. Slater
    B400 was $150 all during black friday and cyber monday. You didn't pay $200 did you?
  5. Wiljen
    they are $161 now if you use the coupon code.
  6. B9Scrambler
    Almost. They gave me an additional discount but even with that I spent almost 200 USD. 30 USD premium for the Crimson Red model. Worth every penny.
  7. B9Scrambler
    More than decent. The B100 is awesome and I'd take it 10/10 times over the more expensive B150, and a whole heap of other iems for that matter. All I was saying was that I'd spend the extra and get the B400 because it's worth it, which I did. However, in the spirit of the thread I'd not turn anyone from the B100. It's great.
  8. Nymphonomaniac
    How can 20$ be a waste of money....I really don,t understand harsh statement like this...must of time its from people that get alot of money. So money didnt mean anything to them, subjectivity became very dangerous in this type of assumption. KZ ZS5 are incredible for the price, and they got very present mids, little harsh, but never overshadowed by bass exactly because they got 4 drivers. Are they colored? Hell yes. But soundsignature is like....pushing every freqs spectrum so it create a wow effect, for some it create nausea, its okay, but other find it very entertaining, like me wich enjoy real neutral iem too and even own Etymotic (sell them) wich I personally find extremely boring (I listen to classical and jazz mustly, but in both, bass need some roundness and impact, and soundstage I like it airy, not intimate like sound is screw in your head).
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  9. Nymphonomaniac
    Hi man, its out of topic a little, but I see you picture have the Faudio S1 it any good??? This brand really intrigue me!
  10. loomisjohnson
    (also posted in other chifi thread)
    I have to return my defective Svara Reds to HCK--what's the cheapest way to ship them back from the US to China?
  11. Matija Osrečki
    What's the issue? I'm also not too happy about mine
  12. loomisjohnson
    mine had extremely low output and sounded muffled (tried cable-rolling, to no effect)--given the high praise bestowed here i'm sure that i got a bad set. no hassles from hck on the return, so i don't want to pile up on him
  13. Otto Motor
    Fair enough. I should have explained myself better. First, I paid CDN $36 for the ZS5, second, they were totally overhyped, third, you got decent KZ over-ear cabled earphones at CDN $15, fourth, I have a bucket full of similar cheepoes (all at a lower price), and fifth, they have terrible mids (for their money/hype) and are overly harsh sounding to my ears. They do work well on an airplane or bus because they have much oomph. In this price category, I fared infinitely better with the Tin Audio T2 at CDN $38. A hugely better sounding earphone with a relatively neutral tuning.
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  14. Pete7874
    Sounds like you may have overpaid for the ZS5. Normally the ZS5 can be had for half the price of TinAudio T2, so that's probably not a fair comparison.
  15. B9Scrambler
    I paid 50 CAD (early adopter fee) for one of my ZS5s and am still perfectly happy with the purchase. Getting the ZS6 for half that was gold though.

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