BEST Sub-100$ CHINESE EARPHONES - Hidden Gems, Best deals and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. razorpakk
    Spent about a month with the Senfer UEs. Just like with many products in this thread, it's shocking how much can be had for 25$.

    Makes me smile whenever I'm on the tube and I see people with much more expensive gear which sounds like a joke compared to most chi-fi offerings.
  2. Holypal
    I hope Senfer is still developing new earphones.
  3. wijnands
    Coming back to my UiiSii HM7..

    Either these are growing on me or they have improved with use.

    Sibilance is totally gone now. I've changed tips to some smaller ones I had lying around so I can now get these to fit properly. For me these have developed in really likeable earphones. Not the detail wonders for my Bach as my sony BA's are but all round for pop, TV and jazz they really are very competent. Musical sound, rich, not heavy on the bass but not exactly light either. Decent seperation. Build in mic is really good enough for calls.
    I can now also say that the build quality is proving to be more than I expected. I am not gentle with these but the cable does not show it at all.

    Every time I get these out of my work bag I'm amazed at the quality they manage to turn out for $7.
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  4. 1clearhead
    I have the V1.....and totally agree with you and the terminology of being more balanced than neutral or V shaped. :wink:
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  5. Nymphonomaniac
    Hehe, and from the headphone of your picture, you can laugh about all those funny looking people wearing big gangsta rap Beats headphone LOL
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  6. Skullophile
    About the Zs5 being balanced or neutral?

    I found this on the internet, is a good read, here's a snippet.

    "A truly neutral headphone or speaker would reproduce every frequency of sound across the whole range of hearing in equal measure, with nary a decibel of difference between them. The laws of physics make this pretty tough. Every speaker or headphone driver is going to have its own voicing depending on the design, just as every human voice sounds different."

    Credit goes to

    This is what etymotic is trying to achieve with their iems and using the Harman curve to adjust to the sound coming from inside the ear and not being affected by the outer ear.
    It's widely accepted that an Er4S is a neutralish iem.
    Now compare that to the ZS5 and you have a polar opposite in my opinion.
    Ety bass is impossibly tight and controlled, mids are in line and highs are in line also.
    Zs5 bass is enhanced and boomy, mids get overshadowed by the huge bass and highs are bright, sibilant and peaky.
    Would you call the ZS5 bright? If so it's not neutral it's bright.

    Balanced is just a quick way to describe to someone else that nothing is too out of place.
    If something sounds balanced it does not suffer from something like for example, a tuning that is the old consumer tuning with enhanced bass and hugely rolled off highs.

    So in summary a neutral iem does not add any colour to the sound similar to an etymotic.
    To my ears the ZS5 is very coloured and one of the most coloured I've ever heard so I don't consider it close to neutral.
    And for balanced the ZS5 has more bass and highs than it has mids so to my ears it is not balanced.
  7. razorpakk
    Some of them listen to music though their beanies.
    I guess they're just taming the highs.
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  8. paulindss
  9. Slater
    Wow, never heard anyone claim the ZS5 was neutral. Far from it.
  10. Otto Motor
    I am absolutely fascinated by the Tin Audio T2: well built, good soundstage, neutral tuning. They deviate from the typical v-shape in this price category. I like them better than my Sennheiser in-ear Momentum, much more than KZ ZS5 and similar models. Bass is good as is: but many others tape off the bass vent, which brings them back to V-shape.
  11. Otto Motor
    I'd say the ZS5 are a waste of money! Horrible sound signature with tinny mids for the price. Get the Brainwavz B100, they are balanced and neutral.
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  12. B9Scrambler
    I'm so conflicted with this statement. The first half... :frowning2: Second half :D B100 is fantastic but personally I'd splurge for the B400 (and I did, even though I already have a review's that good).
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  13. Otto Motor
    Didn't we talk below $100? The B400 are not in that category. And if I went up there, I would try some Etymotics.
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  14. B9Scrambler
    Sure, but if you issue the charge in two halves each half is below 100 USD. It's basically the same thing. :kissing_smiling_eyes:
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  15. Otto Motor
    I have them and don't like them at all. Way too bassy massacring the soundstage. Good mids, but the bass is pushing too much. I much prefer the Tin Audio T2, which have a fairly neutral tuning.

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