BEST Sub-100$ CHINESE EARPHONES - Hidden Gems, Best deals and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. Mdclol
    @stryed of those I have only heard the Pioneer CH5T which has the same 9.7MM DD as the CH9T, while costing $40 vs $99. For the extra ~$60 you may as well put it towards another ChiFi IEM because CH9T's metal nozzles will surely not be worth the price hike over CH5T, IMO.

    As for it's sound signature, I agree with all the CH9T reviews I've read. It possesses a very enjoyable and lively sound signature that should do well for all genres. Bass goes deep, mids are just slightly recessed and highs have sparkle without being edgy and sibilant. Yes, they are also very detailed. Something interesting about the Pioneer's is the fact that they sound perfect for me OOTB without having to EQ like I have had to with my Westone 4s and Earsonics SM3 v2, keeping in mind these cost 10x the Pioneer CH5T.

    My only qualms with the Pioneer are the utterly trash tips they come with because 5mm bore'd tips aren't something I had handy for tip rolling. They have these stiff fins that dig into my earcanal as early as 5-10minutes in. The soundstage is also less wide, with vocals being much closer to you when compared to the SM3 V2.

    Of the ones you posted, I would purchase the Toneking 9way/tails which will cost around $105 shipped on 11/11. It's filter tuning system gives you greater flexibility.

    @mochill please elaborate, dearest sir! You truly enjoy teasing us all with your 1-liner **insert relatively uncommon IEM** recommendations hahaha:grin:
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  2. Vidal
    Once you get past the bass though, its smooth sailing right? I bet its the dynamic driver causing that hump.

    Are there any chifi iems with a Dual BA setup? I'd like to try those. Non chifi iems with a Dual BA setup share a charestiristic thats relatively flat up to 3k.[/QUOTE]

    Only ChiFi dual BA I know of in the sub $50 was the KInera BAM03. Boomy and excessive bass seems to be a feature of BGVP earphones, other than the filter swapping MR1 which I thought was rather good.
  3. Mdclol
    It's almost as if BGVP stands for Bass Good, Very Proud -- or maybe Bass Goes Very Potently! I have the BGVP DM5's arriving tomorrow, I'll post my impressions on them. Should be great for EDM/trap. Troyboi songs will surely make the DM5's vibrate my skull. My UiiSii CM5's are very subbass heavy without the dark sound sig typical of bass heavy 'phones -- must be some graphene magic so I'm hoping the DM5's Knowles drivers are a good addition to the formula.
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  4. Vidal
    If Bass is something you want then you may be very happy with the DM5 - the stuff I listen to needs a more balanced earphone otherwise it doesn't sound the way it should.
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  5. Vin$ent
    Oh crap, Simgot EN700 Bass models were taken out of AE today and Pro isn't listed yet. Guess no Simgots for me from 11.11 sales.
  6. cqtek
  7. Ahmad313
    Penon Audio have the EN700 Bass but unfortunately they are not on the sale ,
  8. Nymphonomaniac
    Still searching THE 11/11 100$ price range deal, and as mentioned above, some IEM disappear from ALI like Simgot Bass wich make the final decision very hard.

    And, I don't find the Moni One wich interested me alot.

    TFZ King tempt me now, and perhaps the exclusive 5 but from reviews I read the V shaped soundsignature is perhaps too assumed here...hum. But some say the King are mid centric other say mids sound harsh....i'm kind of sick of too agressive IEM even if not treble sensitive, but these look very promising and perhaps the King are really the....King of TFZ.

    To say it all, I want something way better than Kinera H3 for the same price bracked (still unsure if my pair is defective tough!). A mature sound, U shape, Bass and Mids are what my ears like the most, but details is a must too, don't want it too harsh sounding, soundstage, imaging, 3D feel is very important too.

    I'm wondering what's the difference betwen Pinnacle P1 and P2 too...will love to have the budget for P1 but it isnt the case.
  9. drag0nslayer
    Someone please differentiate TFZ king Vs Exclusive t Signature sounds, I'm more of a treble sensitive guy. i've read king is more towards treble side so exclusive 5 is better ?
  10. VonBoedfeld
    Can you describe the difference between the Pioneer ch5t and toneking nine tails?
  11. crabdog
    I haven't heard ch5t but I can tell you if 9tail is $100 or less during the sale it's a great buy. Nicely balanced with forward/non-recessed midrange. I often take it with me to work in favor of more expensive IEMs.
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  12. Selenium
    I just looked at your review(again), so weird timing. I really want to try this! I love my two TK IEMs(both hybrids) and cannot shake the allure of this thing. By the way you describe it I bet it sounds similar to the TK12.
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  13. B9Scrambler
    Based on the bolded statement above, the MacaW GT600s would probably be a good choice for you. They're quite smooth and refined all around with an excellent soundstage. Tuning filters can raise or lower treble to your liking. I really don't get the comments about it being a bright earphone, unless you've got a craptacular seal.
  14. BeerLover
  15. Nymphonomaniac
    Oh man....I read the reviews about them and it wasnt super positive, and very suspectful of MACAW since I try their horrifious sounding RT-10. So my post-trauma will never permit to pay again for any Macaw product. Whats your second suggestion if I can permit?
    Did you try the King?

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