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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. Degree
    Hey guys, what genre of music would hybrids best perform on?

  2. Rainmaker91

    All headphones sound different from each other, and hybrids are no exception to that.

    The best we can do would be for you to say something about what particular tones you like emphasized such as treble, mid and bass centric. Then there is V-Shaped and A -shaped and you also have the so called "neutral". Even these terms are really general, so you will have large deviations within them.

    The absolute best would be for you to listen to a bunch of headphones and pick the one you like though. Since that's not always an option, we use these terms to relay what we want from them without having to listen to them.

    Edit: it should also be mentioned that different "signatures" fit different genres well, but this is highly subjective and is a less optimal way of doing things.
  3. HarryX99D
    HeyVidal. I personally have the KZ ED9s and have to say, they really blow my mind for it's price. This is especially so with the balanced nozzle. Apart from it's rather heavy build (in my opinion, it really is a good set to have. The bass nozzles will also satisfy the bassheads out there. With the two different nozzles, I really believe that set will suit almost everyone out there. I would say the ED9s is a good one. Just my opinion. Cheers

    P. S new headfi-er here, by the way
  4. 1clearhead
  5. farhat
  6. loomisjohnson

    tough one; each has its virtues. for a charity raffle, i'd probably opt for the ed9, which viscerally feels like the most for the money, with great build, interchangeable nozzles, etc. + the most conventional "consumer" sound.
    the vjjb is also very well built and sound quite good; i personally found their overall warmth to be a bit excessive.
    the e107 might be the best-sounding, and certainly the most "audiophile" of all of them; however some might find subbass lacking and they don't look and feel as expensive
    Vidal likes this.
  7. lexusdude
    hello, feel so lucky i've found this thread.
    recently i bought KZ ZS3 and i love this iem . and now i think i wanna try some iem that can present 3d soundstage under $50.
    can i have some recommendation iem that have 3d soundstage and balance sound but not so bright ?
    really appreciate your help guys. thankyou for helping me.
    *base on my research :
    HAVI B3 PRO 1 : https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2015-New-Professional-Top-quality-hifi-earphone-HAVI-B3-PRO1-for-MP3-player-music-in-ear/100486_32275428722.html
    Fostex TE 02 : dont know where to buy..
    or any recommendation.
  8. lexusdude
    im sorry double post :frowning2:
  9. Celestial
    Is there anything with an Etymotic MC5 type of sound signature?
  10. Vidal
    Do you mean a bass light/mid forward earphone? That's the only description I can find for the MC5.
    If so, then based on the descriptions of the Vivo XE800 that would probably be the best candidate 
  11. Celestial
    My bad, left this out.
    The people who hate it calls its cold and analytic but for some reason I like it.
    It stopped working a few days ago. I have tried Xiaomi Piston 3/Hybrids, KZ ATE and KZ ED9. But something is missing.
  12. CarTMan41
    How are the TFZ Series 5s from Massdrop for 80$?
    will be using my phone(LG g3) on the road in public transportation, listening mainly to rock and metal.
    Is there a better option for this price?
    Thanks alot!
  13. Lurk650
    The TK12 and TK13 and depending on more reviews the MaGoasi K1
  14. doggiemom
    I received Joyroom's E107 and E109 from Gearbest today.  I was confused when I saw the size of the package from DHL.  It amazes me how the Chinese companies manage to make a good-sounding IEM with packaging like this that makes it look more expensive than $9 with shipping!
  15. Sulbh

    Which one is better?
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