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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. NeonHD
    That's great to hear, the T2's just aren't for me though, they sound pretty boring imo and the upper treble is too sibilant/piercing. I love my QT2 way more.
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  2. weedophile
    Yeap too bad. Anw i'm used to seeing ur kawaii profile pic, weird seeing this album artwork xD
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  3. 1clearhead
    I notice the QM05 also works well with comply (or foam) ear tips for an even softer and more comfortable experience. Cheers! :beerchug:

    ...almost forgot to mention; the comply(foam) ear-tips can decrease the bass to get a better balance while still maintaining excellent MID's and highs. You can try these changes only if you're experiencing too much bass coming from silicone ear tips.

    All ears are contoured in different shapes and measurements all the way to the inner-most ear canal.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  4. HiFlight
    I received my BQEYZ-KC2, a 2DD 2BA IEM, last week and, while not expecting super sound from a sub-$50 IEM, I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised at the performance thus far. It is very well-balanced tonally with good extenstion on both ends. Sub-bass is good but not overbearing, neither is there unwanted coloration in the mids. Vocals pop nicely and imaging is accurate. Soundstage width and depth are also impressive. I have heard far more expensive IEM's with less sense of realism. Instrumental and vocal timbre is also spot on.

    The only real caveat that I can think of so far is that the shape might not fit well for those with small ears. It did take me quite awhile to find a set of tips that provided both a comfortable fit as well as an adequate seal. Build quality is excellent. I noted no flaws on either side, nor have I noticed any driver flex when inserting or adjusting them for fit.

    The KC2 is available in both matte black or silver and with or without a cable inline control/mike.

    Very well worth the modest cost. I can't think offhand of a better daily driver!

    BQEYZ KC2.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  5. zazaboy
    does anyone know the audbos p4 who sells the for the lower price? its selled out for the moment.. but I cant find the seller on aliexpress
  6. SSakul
  7. zazaboy
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  8. ssnjrthgr8
    Thanks for the comparison dude! Guess I will hold back for some other good options that may pop up or go with the V80s
  9. ilcanzese
  10. Zerohour88
    I was hesitant to call these L shape sound since the highs are more present compared to the mids, but they really are fun. Taming the bass with spiral dots isn't effective since it seals so much better that it counteracts the wider bore. Wanted to try out the KZ whirlwinds but can't seem to find them, lol
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  11. CKT1138
    It's weird because I found the treble pretty gentle. Especially compared to something like my MDR V6s that feel like an icepick in my ears sometimes, and I'm pretty sensitive to that sort of thing...
    Maybe there's some sort of secret T2 hardware revision or something, I did buy mine right before the pros came out.
    Very strange...
  12. vetsin
    Just a quick bump on my question. :)
    What would you guys recommend for a neutral sounding IEM with a big soundstage? The KZ ATE has been popping up for the soundstage I'd like to hear your thoughts, would you agree? Do you have other suggestions? Thanks!

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  13. Zerohour88
    I assume sub $100? try to read up reviews on the BQEYZ KC2, Tin Audio T2 and TRN V80, those might be good starting points to further recommendations.

    earbus would have better soundstage though, if you really don't care about isolation (head over to the earbuds thread for more info).
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  14. loomisjohnson
    i agree with zerohour--earbuds tend to give that big, open portapro sound--my he150 and faael snow lotus buds actually remind me quite a bit of the portapro
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  15. GrassFed
    Audimi Y02 has the biggest soundstage of all IEMs I have. Have it for a few weeks now, and I'm falling for it pretty hard. With my LG V20 and Neutralizer EQ softening the BA, vocal on Y02 is amazingly sweet. The unmentionable ZS6 look-alike also have great soundstage, but Y02 sounds a little more natural to me. Plus, it comes with removable cable and a nice case at under $15. There's no better deal that I know of.
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