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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. bsoplinger
    I picked up the TFZ Exclusive 5 from my listened to it and it was OK pile to give it another listen as I try to get finished with my to be burned-in pile because of favorable comments about it that I saw within the last week or so. It sounds better than I remember once I went with the Tennmak Whirlwind ear tips that have become my favorite. It ended up on the review these first pile.

    If I behave and stop adding new IEMs and get through the last of the burn-in pile I'll finally get around to making a review matrix of the 4 dozen or so I have here ranging from $1 to $250+ and get that spreadsheet filled with my impressions. Just wish health and life didn't keep putting going through these different IEMs and giving everything at least a few hours of initial impressions after the burn-in. After all I do have the desire to just listen to music and enjoy without being critical all the time.
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  2. trumpethead
    The price on Amazon US was 11.99 and there was a 3 dollar coupon which I believe hatd expired. Still for 11.99 coupon these are a steal imo.
  3. trumpethead
    There is a bit of a trick to it but not hard. I took a small memory foam tip that I don't use and managed to get it inside a large silicone tip with the aid of a pen. Took a little patience but worked like a charm.
  4. stimuz
    Nah, I just said in my opinion I prefer the CM5 to IT01 for less bass driven stuff, purely subjective and not many people share that opinion.
  5. kp1821
    No used a foam from NiceHCK medium foam large silicone. Give it a try though you may like it. 20180420_075933_HDR.jpg
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  6. notamethlab
    For those of you that have the uiisii cm5 can you compare them to the trn v20?

    The uiisii are on sale and I'm curious if there are differences in sound or if it would be repetitive to own both.
  7. stimuz
    Uiisii on sale where? Amazon US always has them at 11.99 I think. Thinking of getting a TRN v20 for comparison myself, another user said he preferred them over CM5.
  8. notamethlab
    Oh my mistake, I read that they go for $20. Went on Amazon and saw that they're 11.99 so I thought they were on sale.
    The cm5 do look more comfortable than the v20 because of the housings though.
  9. stimuz
    They are comfy, but difficult to get a good seal, V20 has that issue too from what I've read. Lifted Andreas wrote a review here: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/trn-v20-in-ear-monitor.23013/reviews , a lot of the pros and cons seem shared between the two, but the TRN V20 has a removable cable which is a huge plus to me. They're also $15.44 on nicehck ali store on mobile so I think I'm gonna order one.
  10. Slater
  11. snip3r77
    I Amazon is $12 it's cheap
  12. Bartig
    I had absolutely no problem finding a good seal with the V20. In fact, I've never had a over-the-ear design IEM which fitted so good and comfy out of the box. Fitting is and always will be a personal thing. :)

    The V20 has a great allround sound, but I miss the warm sound of KZ's and other IEM's I love a bit. On the UiiSii CM5, I hope to find a warmer sound and a way bigger soundstage, since someone here stated that it has a great wide one.
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  13. bsoplinger
    Ah. To match the Symbio (do I have the name correct?) you need to use the 3M product. Its quite different in behavior from Comply or cheap foamies either with or without a silicone nozzle tube. I bought a box of them because I have a few friends who do construction and buy the super jumbo sized boxes of the 3M so I could pass mine along if the experiment failed. The end result of using a leather punch on the 3M ear tip and feeding the nozzle bit of a silicone ear tip through the hole and around the outside produces what I think is a match. They provide a firmer, more secure fit like a foamie but you get the tighter seal to produce good bass of a silicone tip. My trouble is that I find the additional pressure on the walls of my ear canal to be uncomfortable to the point I have to remove them after 10 or 15 minutes of use. Luckily for me I found that the KZ then later the Tennmak Whirlwind style provides just enough extra grip on the ear canal to make them feel more secure than a regular style silicone tip without having to move to foamies.

    I just moved my UiiSii CM5 onto a cheap DAP to begin my standard 100 hour burn-in so that means 4 days until my impressions. However for as cheap as the TRN V20 are combined with the Amazon deal you can get 2 rather nice inexpensive IEMs for a few bucks over $30. Get both is my suggestion. Use the V20 for listening to music to get nuanced sound of the performance because it has a reasonably neutral tuning. Use the CM5 and rock on, listen to EDM, mosh to your heart's content and play your tunes with their stronger bass tuning. Just my 2¢ on the subject.
  14. chinmie
    I tinkered with the T2's tip a lot, trying to combat the loose fit feeling while maintaining sound that I like about them, and this is my last and favorite setup:

    I use a medium size Sony silicone tips and removed the core then i put them inverted, and put a regular wide bore silicone tips on top of it (pictured). It increases bass punch and vibration without muddying the midbass like the vent hole tapping mod (even though the sony silicones doesn't cover the vent holes). Also it increases outward compression a little, making it more stable on the ears. For added bonus i slapped a balanced cable on it. After hearing it with balanced cable on my ES100, i don't want to use it with SE cable anymore.

    20180420_151655.jpg 20180420_151854.jpg
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  15. CoiL
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