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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. Pete7874
    Vidal, I know you've reviewed the silver one. Have you had a chance to listen to the black one? If so, can you share some feedback as to the sound differences between the two? Thanks!
  2. Vidal
    Not heard the black one
  3. la1n
    I've been looking for a pair of IEM's that's great for competitive gaming. What i'm thinking is something neutral/treble-heavy with both exceptionally wide soundstage and positional accuracy. I don't care for bass at all.
    I'll happily pay $100 if they meet my requirements. A plus is if the cable is detachable.
    For reference i usually am using a pair of AD700x (or ATH MSR7), but have recently developed headaches from wearing them too long. Also the comfort is terrible on these particular headphones as well.
    Looking at the different descriptions on the first page the "PMV A-01 MK2" might fit the bill but yea... a lot of them are considered to have a wide soundstage and from the descriptions might fit the bill, making it hard to pick one out.
    They need to be airy and as "open" as possible with great positioning as said.

    Thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
  4. waveriderhawaii
  5. Vidal
    I'd advise against the PMV, I found them too bassy.
  6. vladstef
    Finally got ASRJ AM09 and as promised, impressions are here:

    It comes in a nice box with 3 pairs of tips only, nothing else (on the back it says 10mm dynamic driver which is hilarious). As soon as I touched the cable I knew that this was not a bad purchase, I paid 25 euros and cable alone is worth it - it has no kinks because it was packaged properly, very good looking and it doesn't have memory wire, it's just molded to go over ears, proper strain relieves everywhere and it has a finish between rubber and silicone which feels very premium to the touch - simply a delight.
    Then I put them in, listened for about 5 seconds and pretty much wanted to discard this abomination. Luckily I didn't do that and I let them play for two hours. This is the first time that burn in dramatically changed something for me, they went from very shouty to something that actually sounds remotely ok. They still had unbearable peak at 7-8K which is a game breaker for me but some tips reduced it and then I tried them with Spinfit Twinblade which completely removed it (stock tips are very generic and not small enough for deep insertion).

    I am still getting used to this brain penetration that this IEM does, but currently it is very worth it, even if it's kinda hurtful and uncomfortable. I haven't regularly used deep insertion IEMs for quite some time.

    They sound like they remove most of the warmth and put it into details, big time. Bass and sub are very anemic, much more than something neutral, they do exist to some extent, although things sound like a small thump rather than a good boom. Even as quiet as it is, it can distort which is just funny when it happens. Mid range and treble are beyond my ability to explain, the amount of details is frankly insane. They are obviously bright sounding overall, but this amount of micro details and transparency makes them very unique. Unlike most single BA IEMs these have an amazing top end extension. They aren't sibilant though, just bearably harsh all the time (this might change more after a longer burn in, who knows). Sound stage is nicely done but depth is amazing, imaging precise enough (although it kinda feels like it should be better given the overall transparency). Vocals and instruments lack some of the weight, but this is something that brain gets used to quickly and I only notice it a couple of minutes after starting listening session. These go to extremes, pretty much one of the most detailed sounds I've heard regardless of price with crippling bass that just has no place with the rest of the sound. This BA is very good and should be used in combination with a woofer BA or DD, although you'd probably add back that terrible peak due to a shallower fit...

    Overall, even after a relatively short time with these small monsters, I think that ASRJ has created the best value I've heard in an IEM, it easily dethrones my HiFiMAN re400 which I bought for the same amount of money - AM09 being not as good all around but a much better experience if you can tolerate anemic bass and can appreciate insane levels of details. These require tip rolling and different depths to find one combination which removes most of that nasty peak, they also require some time as they are very bad ootb - all of these things made a huge difference in the end, more than I've ever experienced with an IEM in the past.
  7. Nymphonomaniac
    Too bassy????:astonished::astonished::astonished:
    Thats the first time I heard about that, I find mine near bass lacking (boom way), find resolution extra good so we can hear like 2 bass line of different freq at the same time without it mix togheter in a muffled way.
    I'm curious to know audio source you use as well as the type of eartips, cause if eartips can give more bass I would like it very much!
    Must admit I use memory foam because my ears can't accept the silicone one I try....and willmake them pop up after 5 minutes.
  8. Nymphonomaniac
    Nice share!
    Can you share the link where to buy these...even if the trebly soundsignature do not interest me perhaps its a good pairing with warmer source. for this peak....perhaps some little modding can help, like extra filter or something, trying other audacious eartips too can help as you surely know.
  9. Vidal
    I use foams as well, I used the Cozoy Aegis DAC/Amp with my iphone
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
  10. Nymphonomaniac
    You can begin with ZS5 or 6 and if it do not wow you, it will not have kill your wallet dramatically.
    I really dig my PMV, sound is so detailed and immersive, instruments separation is like...visual, yep, you can ''see'' the sound. They are far from bassy (with memory foam tips), but only real drawback is that the non detachable cable is made of 2 parts and second part that go around ears (without memory) feel a little cheap and im afraid of durability cause of this. Now I listen to them with Xmos DAC-AMp with AK4490 chip and bass is more present and soundstage even more wide, these are very easy to drive, ANYTHING will drive them properly wich is a big plus as they are my easier to drive IEM of all 50 I got. I wish price go a little down time to time, even on ali sale the PMV wasnt sub 55....

    What type of music do you listen and what is your source???
  11. Nymphonomaniac
    Do you try them with memory foam, just for fun....curious to know your toughs, find them less harsh this way too....but reading some review it didnt say its a trebly IEM I think, wich I find strange, burn in quite calm this treble tough (say a very sceptikal guy about burn in theories).
  12. vladstef
    Sure, link is here. Currently a bit pricier than what I paid on 11.11. These are essentially made to have their BA and cables extracted for a killer DIY IEM, although I am sure gonna enjoy them in this form.
    Nymphonomaniac likes this.
  13. Nymphonomaniac
    Thanks, will keep an eye on them. The cable you got is a silver plated one? If so, do you have other cable to try for pairing....this treble peak really scare me.
  14. Nymphonomaniac
    Looking back your site...quite a change!
    Check the ''on our turntables'' picks....not very diversify mustly rock and indie but I see SLINT wich is nice....not bad choice, just surprise there any classical, jazz or electronic. Is it the albums you use for reviews?

    But more specifically, i'm curious to know where to find the PMH hybrid?

    It would be quite interesting to have an idea of IEM price you reviews too, just sayin, cause even budget 10 or 50 is quite a difference.

    Love your ZS5 review too:wink:
  15. Nymphonomaniac
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