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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. ivo001
    Like I said, I don't have them.
    But they are on my shortlist for whenever I plan to buy an IEM in the $50-100 category, together with the Ibasso IT01.
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  2. thejoker13
    They're worth waiting for them! Save up the other 50.00 and be satisfied for a very long time. They're magnificent.
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  3. c4rb0n
    Thanks bro, ill just save up for a D6 and Toneking NT and buy both of them by next payday LOL RIP Wallet :beyersmile::deadhorse:
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  4. c4rb0n
    BC7DC51B-4847-4773-80F5-05F195523484.jpeg My TinAudio T2’s just arrived too brothers,

    Build: Pretty Solid IEMs here, minimal design with a gun metal finish, simplicity is beaty LOL

    Package and Included items, pretty minimal, similar to the KZs new box for their IEMs, but the cable included on this is quite good, its almost similar to the KZ SPC cable

    Sound Signature: Im in love with these now, this bad boy is very nimble on the lows, bass extsion is quite average though but still provides a nice punch, clarity and detail is very good and smooth on highs, sound stage is quite good also IMHO very Neutral sounding IEM indeed

    Verdict: Worth Every Penny youll spend LOL ahahaha

    I sealed the front bass vents and man I loved it even more, best 33$ ive spent LOL
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
  5. vladstef

    Hifiman re400 from Joybuy arrived (costed 25$). I have to say that these have a very beautiful sound, they outclass everything in the budget segment very easily.

    I absolutely agree with people saying that these are slightly bass light compared to something really neutral, but I quickly adjusted and it doesn't sound wrong because the bass is there and there is enough of texture. It definitely doesn't sound like it's lacking bass, it sounds like it's purposefully like this. The amount of details that these provide is astounding. I disagree when it comes to sound presentation, these don't make you feel trapped with the music like many reviews make you think and I've already noticed that many instruments have a realistic timbre and echoing in the distance, but they don't sound as far away as they should ideally.
    Cables are the worst that I've seen above Y split, thin, rubbery, flimsy, can't get straight, microphonic. Isolation is quite a bit above average but there is no driver flex.

    People really like KZ ZS5/6 series and present them as budget kings, but there is no comparison to be honest, they feel classes below compared to re400. I even found re400 to sound more exciting than ZS5 which is a miracle given the difference in tonality.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
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  6. Pete7874
    Very nice! I'm still waiting for Penon Audio to ship my order of T2. Ugh...
  7. B9Scrambler
    I'm of the opposite opinion for the most part :frowning2: Ended up being pretty disappointed with them. Maybe my expectations were too high, but given their reputation I don't think so. My biggest issues with it have been rough, unrefined treble and that disgusting cable. Bass was actually pretty decent and more prominent than I was expecting. Still, the ADV M4 and KZ EDR2 do the same signature better imo and the Havi B3 Pro I is both more neutral and entertaining. While the ZS5 is completely different in terms of signature, I'd take it too over the RE400. ZS6 even more so. Had I paid full price I'd have felt ripped off. At the Joybuy price...that's a fair cost for these. Cable is still an embarrassment though. I can't image how crappy the original one must have been for this to be considered an upgrade.
  8. chickenmoon
    Received my 11/11 Tin Audio T2 and Svara Red from NiceHCK today too. After a quick ten minutes with each, I think I prefer the Red but both are very good IMO. I'll have to abandon them for now as I also received an FLC8S (wrong thread) which I haven't listened to yet.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
  9. vladstef
    They have a small driver and because of it they are sensitive to insertion dept. I wear these much deeper than most I think, the wide part of the re400 is in my canal partially, not just outside of it - which does impact treble harshness in a good way. Treble on these is quite a bit better than ZS5, it isn't clearer but it's much more even. I think that they deserved the praise, kind of in the same ballpark as Sony MH1 (although re400 is better), they were both around 100USD when they came out and at that price they had very little competition while now at <30$ let's say, they are still on top of the pack. I agree that at their regular price of 80USD the value proposition goes away quickly.
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  10. Happy Hacking
    As someone who owns the Svara Reds and considering the T2, am curious to know as to why you prefer the reds over the T2, and the differences that you hear between them.

    Hope you enjoy your Svara Reds as much as I do! And yes, gotta make way for the big boys(FLC8S) first though..
  11. Pete7874
    Have you tried sealing front vents on the T2?
  12. kova4a
    Really, rough? Hifiman's treble is quite smooth in general and re400 is not an exception. With the wrong tips you can get a slight upper mids/lower treble peak but it's still smooth given the highs of the re400 are a bit laid back overall. And yeah, the cable is nothing special but it's not that bad, I've seen worse on more expensive stuff - for instance, I wouldn't rate the cable of something like the brainwavz b150 much higher (and it was more expensive than the re400 at MSRP - although I always considered the b150 to be a $50 tops iem).

    Now, I would still pick a vsonic or brainwavz r3 over the re400 in the price range but at the discount price re400 is pretty good if you want more neutral and relaxed sound with a touch of warmth. It's one of those iems that still retains a status as audiophile iem despite the build quality issues and if we argue whether it's worth it at MSRP, let's not forget that things were a bit different few years ago when a vsonic gr07 at 180 bucks was considered one of the best budget deals. Although for me, the price still goes to the brainwavz b2 in this category - I am even beginning to suspect that they already finished the revived b2 phoenix, but they finally got the chance to compare it to the new b400 and now they don't know what to do as the b2 sounds better but it's supposed to cost 3 times less and that's why they still haven't released it even though it should have been out a month and a half ago
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  13. B9Scrambler
    Yeah, rough bordering on grainy, regardless of the tips tried so far. Wouldn't describe them as laid back either given they're almost as bright as the M4. Agreed the B150 was overpriced, esp. on release (current pricing is more realistic though I still think the B100 is the better product and cheaper to boot). It's cable is not comparable though. I got the RE400 about ten days ago and have hung it up every night to let the kinks work out. Nadda. They're all still there, though slightly less prominent than they were ootb. Pulled out the B150 after it being wrapped up tightly in it's case for the last few weeks. Nice and straight. With the RE400 the sheath above the y-split is very plasticy and microphonic. With the cooler weather we're getting now it gets extremely stiff. The B150's cable has none of those issues and better strain relief to boot. Still thinner than I'd like, esp. above the y-split, but it remains flexible even in cooler weather. Only cable offhand I can think of that is worse belongs to the Fidue a31s. It's a durable cable, but this /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ can still be used to describe it even after a couple years of ownership, lol. The Klipsch S3 cable is terrible too, mostly due to unbearable microphonics.

    Since the RE400 is still new to me I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and will continue to tip roll, source match etc., but I'm not enjoying the process to be honest. I'm not saying it's a bad iem, because it's not, it's just failing to live up to expectations.

    If the Phoenix competes with the B400 I'll be ordering one as the B400 has been my favorite earphone this year. Liked it so much I bought a Crimson Red version which should be showing up in the mail soon enough.
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  14. Vidal
    I agree much prefer the KZs to the RE400, mind you my audition of the RE400 was a while back so maybe I need to get another pair to remind me
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  15. vladstef
    I've tried straightening the cable for an hour now, pulling over a rounded object while stretching. Even the clothed thicker part still has kinks that are pretty much not going anywhere and above y split is without a doubt the worst cable I've seen, Vido earbuds that I bought for 2$ have better cables... The way they were packed was also borderline crazy, why would anyone ever do this to any cable...

    I agree with you that they might be a bit bright in the mid-treble transition and I could confirm that they form a peak around 5k, but this is a very small price to pay for something this clean sounding. The fact that you said that you'd take ZS5 over re400 crashed me a bit, I respect your opinion more than mine given that I am kinda new to audiophile world and that your reviews are so good. I've only listened to re400 for about 10h but I've already enjoyed them a bunch more than I ever did ZS5 after all the tip rolling and even eq-ing.
    Give them another chance or I might as well start visiting mental institutions around here :smile:

    E: Vidal too... oh well, I might start buying Beats since I apparently have no clue about this
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
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