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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. ivo001
    But isn't the Alpha & Delta D6 a better deal? Can be bought for only $68,40 with the headfi discount code till tomorrow.

    Also wondering how the Ibasso IT01 stacks up against them.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  2. crabdog
    That is a good deal yes. Which one is better will depend on your preferences. The D6 is brighter with a well-defined bass. The TNT is warmer, smooth but still very detailed.
  3. DBaldock9
    Have you received the VE IEMs (Biggies & Smalls) yet?

    Mine arrived a couple of days ago - and I can say that the USD$60 Biggie has the clearest, most detailed Bass I've heard from an earphone (including my LZ-A4, which is double the budget of this "sub 100" thread...).
    Listening to some FLAC files of the UK progressive Celtic rock band, Iona (which I really like), subtle differences in the percussion (different drum-heads, and hand-drums) is readily apparent.
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  4. ivo001
    I'm trying to hold off of purchasing any 50-80 usd earphones till I am allowed to buy that sweet VE Monk IEM bundle..
  5. vladstef
    So many first impressions focus on the fact that these are quite dark sounding so it's nice to hear that it's at least detailed and not muddy.
  6. DBaldock9
    When I first tried the Biggie, with the narrow-bore (black) eartips, and the Espresso cable, they did sound a bit dark.
    But when I switched to the wide-bore (white) eartips, and the SPC (silver) cable, the level of the Midrange & Treble came up, and they sound really good.

    The Smalls have more Midrange & Treble to begin with, and a bit less low Bass.
  7. Mellowship
    So do I... So do I...
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  8. Vidal
    I have to be honest I wasn't a fan of either earphone, had a long discussion with Lee and waiting on a trial of the Duke and Duke AE. Managed to find a EQ setting that brings the small/biggie in line with my preference though: -

    IMG_0069.PNG IMG_0068.PNG
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  9. Happy Hacking
    Just a small update to my initial impressions on the Svara Reds:

    Tip-rolled a few tips: KZ Starlines, NiceHCK Sillicone, SpinFit, Knock-off T400 Comply Foams, KZ Comply Foams

    Just my very personal opinion:
    Favourite sounding: Stock = SpinFit > KZ Starlines > Others
    Comfort: Stock = Comply Foams > KZ Starlines > NiceHCK Sillicone > SpinFit

    Additional comment: The SpinFit makes them sound slightly brighter, and the stocks warmer. I dig both, but the SpinFit(M) do not feel comfortable in my ears. I'm assuming I got the wrong size for the SpinFits. They fit loosely if I do not push them in for a seal, but if I do that, they create a suction pressure which is very uncomfortable and takes a lot of adjusting.

    So, I am back to stock.
    Also, I am using a black MMCX Cable that I ordered from NiceHCK. Pretty cheap, and sounds as good as the white translucent cable that usually comes bundled with the Svara Reds. Just prefer their shorter length and color.

    Here's another picture:


    For anyone wondering, the DAP is a Benjie K8 (Loving it).
    An extremely portable setup that fits into a single pocket on skinny jeans without an obvious bulge!
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  10. c4rb0n
    Thanks brother, i can only stretch my budget on the 70$ range as of the moment LOL, im really thinking of getting the Svara Reds but im really intrigued by the TNT with its interchangeable filters, man but 120$ is too expensive for me as of the moment LOL
  11. c4rb0n
    I just hope that this one have a replaceable cable option, but unfortunately it doesn't, could've been my next purchase LOL, Svara Reds, Toneking NINETAILS, TFZ The King (replaceable cable), man if only i could purchase all three LOL
  12. ivo001
    What is the reason that you want a replaceble cable? For durability? Because you already have a 3 figure cable?
    From what i've read about them, they are built like a tank and have a 3 year warranty, so that kinda offsets the need for a detachable cable for me.
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  13. c4rb0n
    Yep for durability, i often get the cords on my iems snagged on a door knob and from twisting the cable to often when its plugged on my DAP when putting it on my pocket LOL, i've really had a bad time with this LOL as it affects the jack the most, does it come with an L-shaped jack? Thanks for the info on the durability bro, im really considering this now as my next purchase :ksc75smile:
  14. ivo001
    I've had the same problems, but instead of getting caught on doorknobs it usually was a saddle haha. Used Xiaomi Piston IEM in all posible variations for the past years before coming here, and in 6-15 months it always ended up with the cable breaking and losing sound on 1 side. Most probably just from being plugged into my phone in my pocket whilst cycling. I have no experience myself with the A&D D6, but here are some phrases from reviews:
    And from their own website:
    But i'm not gonna buy anything new before my KZ ZS5 finally arrive and I can listen to them and debate if I even need something better.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2017
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  15. c4rb0n
    Wow those are some really nice reviews on its durability Thanks brother :ksc75smile: how long have you been using your D6's? Man i think this will be my next purchase LOL
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