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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. ivo001
    I have used my EP51 in the gym twice so far, but don't really feel like the wings do much. Also, the eartips and wings are just 1 part, as seen in the picture below. Can't find the size of the nozzle, only that the speaker size is 8.6mm. I could maybe measure it when I get home. I wonder if there even are regular tips with a bore that wide, and if it would be possible to get a comfortable fit because the Meizu supplied tips are angled instead of straight

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  2. Slater
    Wow, that's totally different than the EP52. That EP51 is more like an earbud.

    The wings work great on the EP52. And the EP52 eartips are 100% standard. Lemme know if you want me to snap a few pics so you can see the setup.

    So after seeing your pic, I'm sooo glad I skipped the EP51 when it 1st came out.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  3. scottanz
    wow you just saved my T2 I thought 1 side is dying!
  4. Viber
    Since you opened them up... did they put foams inside the Ep52 nozzles?
  5. Slater
    Nope, no foam. That's actually what I was expecting when I heard the sub-bass and slight veil. It reminded me of the way the foam colored the sound (negatively) of the ZS3.

    The nozzle screen is the EP52's Achilles heel. I've seen the same style on 1 other IEM (can't remember which off the top of my head). Looking at it from the silicone tip side, it looks like some sort of shiny aluminum "foil" sandwiched underneath a stainless mesh screen. But when you remove and examine it, it's actually some sort of 1-sided metalized nylon screen sandwiched with stainless mesh (it could even be a triple-layer screen ie stainless->metalized film->nylon).

    Think of it like a 3.7mm burger:
    • The top bun (the outer facing side) is "regular" stainless mesh (same as we see on 80% of IEMs)
    • Below that (ie the burger), there's either a separate metal film, or some sort of metalized treatment on the top side of the nylon mesh
    • Below that (ie the bottom bun) is plain nylon mesh and the little adhesive ring that allows it to stick in place
    I replaced that whole burger mess with just a "top bun" (ie $0.10 worth of stainless mesh screens). Couple dB less sub-bass, no bloat, no veil, better clarity. A lot like the ZS3 foam mod.

    Is it the best sounding IEM in history, a monster killer, micro detail superstar, etc? Absolutely not. It's a v-shaped, average joe consumer tuned, better-than-average sounding, really comfortable IEM - all attached to a really nice Bluetooth 4.2/aptX neckband with long battery life and no audio lag.

    I haven't directly A/B them with anything - I just want Bluetooth to sound fun and energetic for working out, outside stuff, and general goofing around - it's not for critical listening. But they're in the same rough ballpark as the KZ ZS3, EDSE, EDR1, and EDR2. If you even somewhat like any of those, then you'll like the EP52. VSonic GR07 or KZ ZS5/ZS6 it ain't, but it's not trying to be.

    I know that's way more information than you asked, but I'm throwing this out there for others too.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
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  6. Mariusik
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  7. dorino
    Took a dremel to the too-long connectors on my TFZ Kings' cable. Now it's not only functional, but they don't stick out at all. Happy camper!
  8. chinmie
    is it possible to use the EP51 like a regular earbud (with earbud foams instead of the silicone tips)? can you test it out to see if it loose a lot of bass, or it can create enough seal to make it work?
  9. ivo001
    I have no idea. Also don't have earbud foams. Been using IEM for the past 10 years.
  10. c4rb0n
    Does someone here own a TONEKING NineTails? Is this IEM worth the 120$ dollars?
  11. Smiped
    Can someone suggest me better bluetooth modules for my KZ ZS6 than the standard KZ bluetooth cord? Thanks.
  12. chinmie
    what's the diameter of the nozzle?
  13. ivo001
    Haven't measured it yet.
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  14. thejoker13
    I own them. They're absolutely worth 120.00, and are the best I've heard under 150.00. Read @crabdog review. He sums them up much better than I could.
  15. crabdog
    It's a balla!
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