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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. chi-fi mel
    I'm not sure that over ears are inherently better than in ears. Is there a $1,000 pair of over ears that are superior to the LZ Big Dipper? I've seen the KZ ZS6 for $20. If you spend 5 times as much is it likely you'll find over ears that are clearly better? My over ear Superlux 681's aren't significantly better sounding than a number of cheaper IEM's I own. The technology on over ears is pretty much what it was 10 years ago, while IEM's have a host of sonic innovations including multiple drivers and hybrids. Over ears are an audio dinosaur. Even if the SQ is equal IEM's are the easy winner in durability, portability, convenience and comfort.
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  2. paulindss
    What i like most in hearing in my superlux is what only a open back headphone can give. While we can Cross paralels on ""quality"" between in ears and headphones, they Will never sound the same, especially If we are talking about full size open back. The details i hear on the superlux i can hear in any detailed iem, but the imaging, the soundstage, the depth, just aren't the same. But in the same way, Bass feel way more present, and narrower elements can work better for músic, in a iem. These are my impressions. A iem can reach airyness, but the soundstage of a open back ? I'm waiting to see someone states that.

    Edit - Also, There are people that thinks that hear music in speakers are infinite better than in a headphone, in the same way there are people that prefer to hear the sound over the ear, instead of something stuck in the ear canal. I totally understand both positions. More Air, Room, confort, and Other's things that i Just don't know. This requires a price, and Space
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  3. vector84
    I specifically avoided terms like "better" there intentionally. It won't take you long on the internet to find that the conventional wisdom is obviously that over-ears are better, but I merely said different. For me there is no comparison, I very much enjoyed over-ears in my youth, but anything clamping on my skull gives me migraines these days, so there's no comparison, IEMs are clearly so much better for me now that I can't even attempt to compare them. :shrug:
    But really I meant more differences in anatomy make them difficult to compare directly.
    I'm confused - balanced armature over-ears date back to the 1920s, and planars over-ears date back to like the 1970s... :shrug: and don't multi-driver over-ears also date back to like the 70s?
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  4. Ynot1
    Not to butt in or anything, bigger drivers also sound bigger; and yes a floor access at a concert where big 12" to 15" drivers blasts away, the sound is awesomely big. I don't quite get that with iems.
  5. thejoker13
    I have read good things about the Brainwavz B400, so I ended up ordering them for around 140.00 shipped. Pm me for details, lol. I'm hoping they live up to the reviews, and if so, I'll be unloading my 1more quads for around the same price.
  6. Niyologist
    Does anyone know the pin connector size for the RT-1? 0.75 or 0.78?
  7. CoiL
    Don`t throw them away! You can send them to me in EU and I pay the small-packet-letter fee (as long it is under 5$ because they cost ~6$ in AE) :wink: Will use the shells for modded IEMs.
  8. chi-fi mel
    The KZ ZS3 is the most frustrating earphone ever. The Slater mod was a big improvement, but they still didn't sound good enough for me to ever use. The only KZ product to let me down other than their crappy Starline tips and even worse foam tips.
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  9. BeerLover
  10. BeerLover
    well the first days i was amazed by their low bass, so present
    but some days later, i realised that's all they do, play bass :) Nothing else
  11. chinmie
    try the TFZ King, but that one's pushing the 100 dollars boundary a little bit :o2smile:

    sub 100 that i like are the Einsear T2 and the Urbanfun Hybrid. they have great bass, but also resolving on the treble. the KZ ZS5 is also great, I've tried them not so long ago

    also try these earbuds: Vido, EMX500, and MX760 graphene.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  12. CoiL
    Wow, really hate towards KZ. I in contrast really like starline tips. Don`t care about ZS3 sound, will only use shells anyway :)
  13. ivo001
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  14. groucho69
    I am not a fan of on ear. Can't tell you the last time that I used any of mine. I'm going to give them away.
  15. loomisjohnson
    i i would also opine that it's somewhat incongrous to compare a budget iem with a $300 on-ear, though you're of course free to do so. fwiw, i sold my t51i recently--it imaged well but i found the bass boomy and had some problems with comfort. i like my momentum on-ear and philips l1 better, but that's just my opinion.
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