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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. maxxevv
  2. BeerLover
    Ok, ah they seem like Fiio clones like E10k clones?
    Related to drivers, i use Ubuntu LInux. Does these things work under LInux?
  3. Capmad03
    I went with the black ones, but plan on ordering some green ones to mix and match the shells like I've seen done on here
  4. BeerLover
    Einsear T2 arrived today in my mailbox

    First impressions
    Comparing the Beyerdynamic T51i (300USD on ear headphone) vs the Einsear T2 (8 USD earbud)
    Well, the Einsear is reallly sooo much closer to the sound of the T51i then the KZ Zs3!!

    A very good earbud!
    They sound quite similar to the T51i!
    GOod choice for 8 USD!!

    Only shortcoming of the Einsear T2 is it bass/sub bass department...lately i m listening some progressive house music and here the Einsear T2 is perfect, except missing the final bass for a 10/10 score. I think the Einsear T2 should be used for more vocal and instrumental stuff...
    The Beyerdyanmic delivers that extra bass while retaining the same or even higher mids and highs.
    Plus the 'surround music soundstage is much more present in the T51i...'

    Another week point i noticed is that the overal sound of the Einsear T2 seems bit underperforming concerning the clarity compared to the T51i , but i think that is impossible to ignore as i am using super on ear Beyerdyanmics vs in ear buds...
    Well, i guess we are reaching the limits of the 8 dollar earbud :)

    For conclusion: super nice earbuds, but they do miss a 'beat' or that 'extra juice beat' :)

    Still, next week going to use them for my pop/singer songer writer music...and i guess they will be superb.
    By the way, they are 10x more comfortable and lighter then the KZ Zs3
    And i do consider them better then the KZ ZS3,as with the Einsear T2 i don't get a headache/earache when 'high/treble' sound is played...
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
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  5. Zlivan
    There's been some talk about EMI CI780, so I decided to get a pair. They are called Podoor J10 on Gearbest, but I believe it's the same thing, a DD + BA hybrid. Haven't heard the 880s, but from what I've read they should be quite similar.

    Nicely balanced sound, with sufficient and not overemphasized bass, very good mids, detailed and slightly boosted highs that can get a little sibilant on certain tracks. Covering the tiny vents on the upper part of the earphones brings up the bass (sub-bass especially) noticeably, to the point of being just a bit too much for certaing genres. Soundstage is narrower than my daily driver, ZS5, but still quite good. They are very comfortable, very light and feel a bit flimsy, cable is quite microphonic and pretty thin. A three button remote is a nice plus.

    All in all, I can say that the sound is very good, but the build quality is nothing to write home about.

    podoor j10.jpg
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  6. mbwilson111
    I have had these for almost 3 months now. I also think they sound good and find them comfortable. I got mine from Amazon UK:


    Happy to hear that someone else appreciates them as well. All the hype was about the 1880 but I liked this one better and gave the 1880 to my husband. I think the black shell is ceramic?
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  7. snip3r77
    Some deals here , not exactly chifi but from Singapore


    The nebula is good.

    Excerpt: "The AAW Nebula Two has solid build quality, adequate accessories, and excellent sound quality for the price. I’ve never heard an IEM with a more natural, balanced sound before; add to that a 3D soundstage, phenomenal end-to-end frequency extension, and great instrument separation with fantastic detail retrieval, and you get an IEM that punches well above its asking price."

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  8. Zlivan
    Yes, I remember you said they sounded similar and I kinda liked how these looked but I never expected them to be so comfortable. Little bumps on the sides help them to sit tight and I hardly feel them in my ears.

    I'm unsure about build material. Tthey feel a bit plasticky and maybe too light to be ceramic, but I honestly can't tell.

    These sound very, very good. I probably wouldn't have gotten them if you haven't posted about them back then. How do they compare to ZS6? Still having second thoughts and I know you have them also.
  9. mbwilson111
    I don't want to compare...room in my life for both:)
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  10. Zlivan
    Spoken like a true head-fier :D
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  11. Niyologist
    Anyone reviewed the AUGLAMOUR RT-1?
  12. razorpakk
    Are the Svara Red meant to be worn cable up?
  13. vladstef
    Not yet, there are some impressions here and there and all of them have been very positive. They are still in shipping stage for most people, my pair is "Waiting for pick up" (ordered on 11.11 from NiceHCK). I guess there is shortage of supplies or something.
    They sent one tracking number and a few days ago another one, probably to bypass the processing time limit.
  14. HungryPanda
    I wear them down
  15. NymPHONOmaniac
    Asia-Fi is kind of okay:wink:

    Look interesting for real!

    Was sceptical about real price at first, so I read more and for about 35usd the Nebula look like to be a supreme bargain!!
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